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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 18: Learning from others

Rock cairns on Peak's Island, Maine

A curated list of five stories/articles that teach a lesson. What you learn is up to you:

Winter Solstice Reminds a Hopi Artist of the Cycle of Life
Question for you: What would you do if this happened to you?

The Science of Sarcasm? Yeah, Right
Question for you: How often--and with whom--do you use sarcasm?

The Unemployed Elderly
Question for you: Did you think the essayist was going to offer George a job? 

What Wasn't Passed On
Question for you: How would you feel if you found out at your father's funeral that you'd been disinherited?

Balancing Rocks
Question for you: Have you ever asked too many questions, so many that it removed the mystery that led you to ask the questions in the first place?

1 comment:

Anjuli said...

These articles were amazing and I learned something from each one of them....I think the sarcasm one just reminded me that I'm not a 'westerner'- or an 'american'- as I have never and will never quite 'get' sarcasm...I doubt that makes me 'dull' or 'slow'- I know many other foreigners who do not see the point of sarcasm and I find them very intelligent.

The article about Balancing Rocks really struck home- there have been many a time I've asked too many questions and pulled back every vestige of mystery- and wished I could put some of the mystery back. Maybe this is a good reminder.

I think the article that got to me the most was the one on father in law experienced this on the death of his father (later he found out it was not his biological father)- the pain was incredible. I cannot even fathom the emotional turmoil which would be endured if I were to be disinherited....I could never imagine disinheriting my children NO MATTER what they did or didn't do-- they are and always will be my children whether they agree with me or disagree with me- whether they do what I think is right or not- nothing can change the fact they are mine.

Thank you for pointing out this articles- they've really peaked my interest.