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Friday, November 11, 2011

Lucky number 11

On today's morning news shows, the anchors have been all over the fact that today is November 11, 2011. Eleven. Eleven. Eleven. 11/11/11. 11-11-11. How many different ways can you write that? If you're superstitious, you might think the number means something other than what it looks like on face value. You might think it's a lucky number. You might think it has some mystical power. Personally, I'm not prone to think any of these things. To me, it's just another date on the calendar.

Still, out of curiosity, I did happen to search on Google to find out what other people have to say about the number, and you might find this curated list worth investigating:

_This site includes various interpretations of what the number and/or date means. Some of it's beyond my understanding or interest. But scroll down and take the poll about what you think might happen today--Something interesting? Something bad? Nothing at all?

_If you think this date is somehow tied to the Mayan calendar, you might like to visit Live Science for an explanation.

_This Huffington Post article mentions that the Egyptian Pyramids will shut down on this rare binary day because they don't want people showing up to try perform mystical ceremonies on the property. Read the article to learn more about what a binary day is and how few there are in a century.

_For those of you who lean toward the supernatural, here's an article for you.

_I love the graphics on this site, and the information about the meaning behind this winter solstice day, as it relates to the number, is both fascinating and informative. If you go, you'll see this person is clearly connected on some kind of spiritual level to the number. 

If you'd like to post your thoughts about today's date and what it means--or doesn't--to you, I'd be interested in reading your take on it.

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Anjuli said...

I know people actually tried to make sure they gave birth on this date- and others got married today- I'm with you- it is just another day which happens to have all the same numerals in it :)