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Friday, November 18, 2011

A curated list of Penn State essays

After yesterday's post, I decided to compile a list of other essays and commentaries that have been written about the Penn State story. They are eye-opening and may help you to understand more fully the full effects of childhood abuse and why it can happen. The essays are listed in no particular order, but if any of them stir up any emotion or ideas of your own to write about, please pass on the links. It's time to say no to "Jerry":

_A young man and former Penn State graduate shares his thoughts about his loss of faith in the community where he grew up. Find out why he considers himself lucky.

_Charles P. Pierce writes about what really matters from this story, not that Penn State could lose football, God forbid, but that children were raped. It's the brutal truth.

_A commentary in which Mark Madden questions who knew what and when. Haven't we all? 

_David Brooks explains what research says about why we may not intervene when we see a crime, such as sexual abuse, occur, or why we look the other way.

_A trauma therapist speaks out on what you can do to help.

_A male sex abuse victim speaks out, telling us the abusers are not monsters. Calling them that, let's the rest of us off the hook. We're looking for monsters when abusers can be your family member or friend.


Anjuli said...

It is sad how people always look for the 'devil'- for abusers, when they are the ones walking and talking with us!! I've had to walk with so many who have been betrayed by loved ones-- ones who should have been able to be trusted- fathers, uncles, brothers...mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers...people used to think I was crazy the way I was so transparent with my kids about abuse- but I did not want them to ever feel they could not tell me if something inappropriate happened NO MATTER who was the one who did it- this did save one of my children from a trauma!

BIKE LADY said...

So smart, wise and loving for your children. They know what you did for them.

Anjuli said...

Just wanted to pop back in here and wish you a good Thanksgiving- hope you are going to be surrounded by family and friends!!