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Friday, July 22, 2011

Thought for the day from a spiritually-inclined blogger

I just read the lines below (paraphrased) on a blog I was introduced to via LinkedIn. The blogger, Christopher Luke, wrote something I think is worth considering as you go about your day...
"Life is not about survival, nor is it about the acquisition of great wealth, nor is it about living a virtuous life necessarily. Life is about making mistakes, pushing boundaries and learning from what you find when you turn over yet another stone." 
1) Take the lessons from the mistake.
2) Leave the experience behind you.
3) Then move onwards to the next event or challenge.

Which of the three points he makes do you find the most difficult and why?  

(If you'd like more detail about the writer's comments, click on the link above.)


Anjuli said...

Great thoughts- indeed, if I didn't practice all three of these points, I can't imagine how I would survive each and every day!!

BIKE LADY said...

2) has caused me problems in the past, and sometimes still today. Working on them always. Thought not always as effectively as I'd like--or as swiftly. Methinks it's one reason why I've taken up yoga recently--for the daily reminders to let stuff go.

kerry dexter said...

Two has caused me problems in the past as well, though I seem to be getting better about that with time. As I read what you (and Christopher) had written, I was reminded of a line from one of Carrie Newcomer's songs which has always rung true for me "mistake by mistake we all learn to be kind."