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Friday, July 8, 2011

Authentic life adventures

Still working on the brand. Not easy work. And it's time-consuming, which, sorry to say, takes me away from the blog. In a meeting this week with my branding/marketing partners, this phrase came up:
authentic life adventures
They want me to use it in my positioning statement. I can do that. It very closely resembles what I write and speak about--and gives me a focus. But I'm curious to know if this is something other people want. So I'd like to know from you: what does the phrase mean to you? Do you want to learn more about authentic life adventures? Do you think you experience them? Would you want someone to share theirs with you? Do you relate in some way to this phrase?

I know it's a lot of questions, but I could use your input as I try to figure out what I'm really all about so I can sell it to the world. Remember, I'm working on creating a movement. I want to make positive impact on the world, and if I can do that through my authentic life adventures, I really want to narrow the focus and get started.

So, please tell me what this phrase means to you?

Thank you for your input.


Julia Munroe Martin said...

I would probably think it had to do with actual physical travel or adventuring of some kind.... I wouldn't necessarily think of it as more personal growth -- but that's just me... this really does sound like a very time consuming process! Lots to think about!

BIKE LADY said...

Yeah, I'm not sure it speaks to me exactly. Authentic life adventures, in this case, the way these experts see it could mean either the travel or the personal journey. I have to work with adjectives this week. Pull out a big piece of paper and write words that describe what I promise to deliver to my clients. I'll share more as I go. But for now, I'm trying to discern what this phrase means to people, in general.

Lisa Carter said...

Hi Jackie! I really like all three of these words but when they're put together as a phrase I actually have a hard time envisioning what the phrase means. It's as if there's equal weight on each powerful word so it becomes too much. I kind of like just "life adventures" -- you'll then show them how authentic you are. Does this make sense?!
What an interesting process you're going through with this rebranding. Hope it's also fun, if hard work!

BIKE LADY said...

Hi Lisa,

I think they were trying to capture phrases we discussed and common threads. We decided the common thread I have between the writing, speaking and books is motivation. The next thing I know, they've come up with this phrase. I cannot decide whether it's overkill or not. The point is that I've had so many life experiences, and I speak and write about my experiences, that they thought I should use the word "authentic" in my position statement. Maybe tomorrow I'll write down the whole thing and get some input about it in its entirety. This is so challenging. How to describe what you do so that people get it. As the BIKE LADY, people just think I am a cyclist. It's not that at all. So I'm trying to get clear. Funny, huh?

AzBecky said...

It sounds more like something a river raftng company would use. Your writing is about REAL life, a life fully lived, the joy in life's mishaps, this seems to talk to physical rather than internal adventures.

BIKE LADY said...

This is so confounding! I'm looking for a phrase that says you'll get lessons from both the physical and inner life adventures. In my next post, I'll include the full statement they came up with. Input from you is good. It makes me think about the words and their meaning to others, not just their intention by me. I don't want to confound. Ugh!

Anjuli said...

I'm coming in late on this conversation- but for what it is worth- I love hearing about authentic life adventures...but then I tend to be a biography,autobiography and memoir addict- so of course these three words would be just what is up my alley!!

BIKE LADY said...

Anjuli, yes! Me, too.