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Friday, May 20, 2011

How Elin Hilderbrand furthers my goal to own a cottage in Maine

I'm getting a headstart on my summer reading this year. My first pick: The Island by Elin Hilderbrand.

I've not read this author before, but I was drawn to the cover--something publishers like to hear. The chairs remind me of the summer cottage I long to own in Maine. This is not a pipe dream. It is an actual future plan that is, for now, only in my mind, though I have written it down in various places and discuss it frequently with friends. "When I'm in my summer cottage in Camden, Me.," I'll say, because I'm a big believer in stating what you want, visual cues or reminders--and also of specifics.

Which is why I bought this book on a recent errand run. I meant to buy bread but made the mistake of going down the magazine aisle, instead. That's where they also stock books and greeting cards. I picked up a few of each. This book among them.

The only reason I chose it was because of the cover. It reminds me of the beach cottage I will own in Maine, possibly within the next 10 or 15 years. In Hilderbrand's book, the setting is Nantucket. Still New England. Still close enough. And the cottage the main characters visit is on an island, not the sea. But still. Close enough. It allows me to further my vision.

And I'm enjoying the story as well. It's about four women, all related, who wind up at this cottage on an island, a cottage owned by the family for generations. They're all there one summer to heal from personal tragedies, and there will be interesting dramatic spins. I'm only in the first few chapters, and already I've read about a breakup or two, a death or two, and a budding romance, with another one in the works. It's not something I normally read, but I was obviously in need of a novel on which to rest my mind, and this one fit the bill. For those of you looking for your own summer reading, I recommend it so far. It's light reading and fun. I expect to finish before the weekend's over.

You may be asking what does this have to do with joy? To which I say this: Because joy comes from within, you'll see you are drawn to certain things naturally. You'll gravitate exactly where you need to go. The key is to pay attention to the cues. Watch for them. Soon you'll recognize why you wind up, as I did, going down the magazine aisle when you thought you were looking for the whole wheat buns. You'll let yourself be drawn elsewhere momentarily. You'll follow your eyes and let your hands pick up the book you know you don't really need. But you won't question yourself at the check-out line. And you'll go home with a smile on your face.

In turn, you'll be better able to articulate your dreams and goals and also be in a better position to attain them. Getting a head start on your summer reading? Well, that's the bonus, thanks to Hilderbrand and her publisher who created a cover I couldn't resist.

When was the last time you used a visual to further your goals?


Anjuli said...

Reading brings me joy!! This particular book sounds and LOOKS interesting...I want to get it!

My dream is to one day go to Massachusetts...I won't have a cottage there...but I want to go and visit..explore. ONE DAY... :)

BIKE LADY said...

Anjuli, it's an interesting story so far. I read right through the first 80 pages or so this morning, which is why I'm calling it light reading. The topics aren't necessarily. But I love reading, too, and haven't taken enough time to read for pure pleasure lately. So my spying this book has several implications. And when I get my cottage set up, I'll invite you for a stay. How's that? I've visited Boston several times and enjoyed each trip. I hope you get to go soon.

kerry dexter said...

I like your encouragement to appreciate those moments of going down a different aisle, so to speak. also about speaking of what you're dreaming of and planning on. I'm good on the first one, need to do more of the second.

Camden, Maine, is a fine place for music, among its other attributes. I've not made it there yet but many friends who are great musicians have played there.

BIKE LADY said...

Kerry, there's something about that place that just felt like home. My boyfriend felt it as well. I hadn't thought about the music scene, but I imagine it would be a lively one. I like the idea of sea captain's houses and masts and looking out at the ocean's waves and the sound of the surf and so much more. I'm glad you like the "going down a different aisle." Detours like this come up all the time, and yet, we can miss them so easily. I've learned to keep my eyes open for the detours.

Teresa Bitler said...

I thought you wanted a cottage on the beach in San Diego. Did you say something about a beach at one point?

BIKE LADY said...

Teresa, San Diego's only if I can't get Maine. The dollars and all. Ha! Besides, there are beaches in Maine. Camden's on the coast. I have to have my cottage on the coach, so the surf is right there and I can throw open my windows at night to listen to it. What a place to be!