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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Haiku Day! Celebrating the joy of bikes and biking

In celebration of the bike, and to follow today's WordCount Blogathon theme to share a Haiku Day, I went in search of the three-lined poems on Twitter. I looked for biking and cycling enthusiasts to share what they had to say in verse. There's actually a community of poets, if you will, who specialize in the subject, and they call it baiku. I love that! I don't think folks give cyclists, bike riders, and the biking community the creative credit they so deserve. So, in honor of Haiku Day, I'm doling out the credit here, sharing with you what this special community can do with just a few words when they're writing about something they love.

Drumroll please...and let the haiku begin, starting with mine:

The Trek of my dreams
takes me places on two wheels--
a land of freedom
     ~by Jackie Dishner (@bikelady on Twitter)

Joyful May weather!
Birds and flowers celebrate
Cyclists enjoy spring.
     ~by Richard Masoner (@cyclelicious on Twitter) 

Cool breeze on my face
Wind chimes calming melodies
crickets sing along 
     ~by Martha A. Boyd (@twittyboyd on Twitter) 

Bike tires deflated
The frame gathers cobwebs, dust
TLC a must!
     ~by Jennifer Derryberry Man (@mamahhhjenni on Twitter)

You can find more of these #haiku on Twitter at #baiku. The photo above, by the way, was taken by me in Portland, Me., last summer at Brad's, a bike rental shop on Peak's Island, after I returned my rental. And for another look inside the world of #baiku, here's a screen shot of one, sent to me by @bikerly. Thanks, Jim!


ladymoxie said...

I love the idea of baiku!! Great post. glad we are doing the #blog2011 together. :)

lisa said...

Love the baikus, Jackie! Who knew it was a whole little genre?!

BIKE LADY said...

I know. I just found out and love it!

Jan said...

Hey Jackie,

I'm so glad I don't have to write my comment as a haiku. :)

Who would have thought that you'd find baikus?


Anjuli said...

loved all of these!!!!

Michelle Rafter said...

Bike in the rafters
Begs me to jump on and ride
As I sit and write


BIKE LADY said...

Michelle, love that one. Those bikes are big teases, you know.

Thanks all for visiting. Get out and ride if you can. It's a nice day, and biking is a good way to meditate.

Babette said...

Ooh, I love the twitter baikus! Thanks for introducing them.

The wheels spinning fast.
I climb hills I never dreamed
I could climb before.

BIKE LADY said...

Yes you are, Barb. Yes you are! ;-)

Caroline Clemmons said...

Great haiku. Who knew? Thansk for sharing.