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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Five Posts of Joy

For this Sunday's Blogathon collection of five posts (gotta have a limit), I chose the following. They best represent some very creative ways you can fill your own life with joy. Some are just thoughts that will make you laugh. There should never be too much laughter in a life:

_How about an UNbirthday celebration? Anjuli tells us how and it doesn't take much.

_Who doesn't enjoy singing a song they know all the words to?! Mark Stratton with his 30-day music challenge sure does, proving it with a video. Go ahead. Sing along. Or make up your own words. I know I have to do that a lot.

_This post and interview with J.L. Wilson from Caroline Clemmons' blog on May 9 took me back to my high school years, when I was into romance books. I read Harlequin Romance novels with a girlfriend during our lunch hour the first half of our sophomore year. We had so much fun. Sometimes, we'd be embarrassed, though, and would hurry to the girls' locker room inside the gym and read on the benches in front of the lockers. We laughed as we read passages to each other out loud. It was all a nice break from our regular school work and schedule. Pure silliness, really. But this post took me right back there, putting a smile on my face. Joy will do that to you.

_Billie Noakes story yesterday cracked me up. You'll have to click and read to see why. (And to think, I almost didn't read blog posts on Saturday because I was trying to take a break, but someone on the Blogathon listserv said we had to read it. So I did. Glad!)

_Michelle Rafter's round-up of Haiku Day post put a smile on my face as well, because she included me in her list of favorite posts for the week. It's always fun to be recognized.

Looking forward to reading more this coming week.


Anjuli said...

wow- when I started reading your post- I was like "hmmm...someone else must have done a piece on Unbirthday parties" then of course it was "Duh- that is me!" ha ha! :)

Thanks for the links to the other JOYful pieces- I follow Mark regularly- and I was filled with joy to see your haiku being mentioned by Michelle (it was truly deserving of being pointed out)...and now I have the other links to check up on!!

BIKE LADY said...

That's funny. It was Monday, though, so it's been a few days since you wrote that. Thanks for the kind words and for visiting regularly. I appreciate that.