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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A reader phone

Regarding the post I took down yesterday, a reader called to let me know the following (and I asked her if I could include this as my next post):

"Jackie, I was sorry to see you take down that post," she told me, "You said everything a woman who's been through a divorce that involved another woman has felt but hasn't been able to say out loud. I connected with everything you wrote. I wanted to go back and read it again, but you'd taken it down."

She even credited me for the follow-up post, calling me brave. Since the first time I told my story in 2004, I've heard that word many times.

What this caller did for me was validate the continued need for my blog. It's difficult going through a divorce, or any kind of challenge, that really tests who you are. She called me brave for being able to write out what I'm feeling and how I'm dealing with it.

It does take courage to speak up for yourself. It does take courage to acknowledge pain. It does take courage to accept responsibility. And that's what this BIKE is all about. I was told yesterday that I should live up to what my blog represents, and I think that I do. In fact, that's exactly what I do.

Being your Best self isn't about being perfect. Using that Inner strength allows me to grow, both mentally and physically. It's an on-going process. Listening to my Killer instinct takes practice. Trusting my Expressive voice helps me find the way. And that does, indeed, take courage. My special brand of BIKE gives me that.

So thank you for that call. When I'm reminded that by telling my story I can reach even just one person, then that makes the message worth telling.


Marcia Reynolds said...

Especially that I'm now blogging for Huffington, I find some people love what you say and learn from it while others are offended. That's what we get for putting our words out in the blogosphere. I've seen lots of big bloggers vent; I guess that is an acceptable use of the media. We still all get to explore our own imperfect juicy humanity from our perspective of your experiences.

Debbie said...

I think it's great that we have a place to express what many are afraid to say. You're human Jackie and so many of us can identify with you in one way or another. Our circumstances may be different but the feelings may be similar.

Keep on blogging!


Rachel Andersen said...

tact is something I am frequently short on.
Thanks for this post.