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Monday, December 1, 2008

Bloggers Unite

Bloggers Unite

Thanks to Debbie Petras over at Heart Choices, I learned about World AIDS Day and posted about several awareness events going on in Phoenix today at my travel blog. To learn more, visit the World Health Organization, Bloggers Unite, or Debbie's blog.

Help spread the word and save lives.

All my best,


Debbie said...

Jackie- So glad you saw the post and links. I appreciate the mention too. :)

I used to follow the Pink Ribbon Review when Karen Murphy was the author (a B5media blog). I even guest posted for her. I also used to follow the Paris Traveler when Kim was authoring. I finally realized that you do the Phoenix traveler, which I link to. I have another blog called but haven't been as faithful in posting.

I'm glad to put it all together though. I'll be back.

The BIKE Lady said...


I'll check out Word of Mouth. The b5media bloggers move around a lot, it seems. It's a lot of time for a little bit of money. You have to have a good reason for doing it, I guess. I'm doing it to build my platform and to learn new skills. When I first started, all I could do for the first five months here was post words. There's so much to learn, but it's so fun to connect with a new community of friends this way.

I just discovered the Follow and Google Reader lists, and added you to that.

Thanks for coming back. I enjoy your visits.