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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bummed about the economy?

I heard on the news this morning that nearly 600,000 people nationwide applied for Unemployment last week. That's just last week! It's higher than the number of people who applied during the whole month in November.

It really does sound like the economic situation is getting worse, just as economists have predicted. With these numbers, it's hard to imagine how bad it could actually get. It's even somewhat scary...even though there's no chance of me being laid off; I'm self-employed.

Still, we're all dealing with this on some level. My workload has suffered. My editors aren't calling me with assignments (no money, no budget), or if they are, they pushing back the dates because of low ad sales. I'm pretty sure you're probably feeling the effects of the economic situation as much or more than I am. So my question to you today is this: What kinds of things are you doing to work through the fear?

Here's a list of things I know help me overcome agitation, nervousness, and even fear. Given the specific situation you're dealing with, what would you add to this list?

-Pray (as often as you need or feel comfort in the process).
-Go to the gym and work out with weights, ride the elliptical, or take a fitness class.
-Eat healthy (and in smaller proportions).
-Spend time with family and friends (Schedule it in if necessary during this busy holiday season.).
-Focus on what's going right in your life.
-Write in a journal.
-Practice meditation.
-Have a glass of wine (just one).
-Soak in a bubble bath.
-Bathe the dog or wash the car; it takes your mind off of other things.
-Ride your bike.

During stressful times, it's important to take care of your personal needs. I know I skimp on these sometimes, but having a list in front of me reminds me to take care of me first. Then I can focus on the work I need to do.

Today, I choose to make the day less stressful. How about you?

All my best,


Debbie said...

This is definitely a hot topic! I think most of us have been impacted in some way. I recently wrote a blog post on it too @

Panic seems to be contagious. When I turn on the TV or listen to the news, it's doom and gloom. I want to be informed but sometimes I just need to shut it off.

I want to be realistic and I have a tendency to make lists too. It helps organize my thoughts and priorities. Several other points I had were to ask for advice, exercise, pray, don't isolate yourself, spend time with friends, and take a deep breath. I like bubble baths and once in a while ...that single glass of wine is good too. :)

The BIKE Lady said...


Something related to my finances had been nagging at me to complete. I did that today, because of my lists. It really helped ease my mind tremendously. That, and a few long walks with my dog; she catches on to any agitation I might feel. Poor thing.

Good advice not to isolate yourself, too. I tend to do that when I'm on deadlines. I make up for it afterward, however!