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Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Signs" of inspiration

Whenever I'm inspired by something, I generally take a photograph of it. That's the beauty of having phones these days that come with cameras. You hardly ever have to worry about being unprepared. You can almost always capture the image to use later. For bloggers, this is a God-send.

So when this light (pictured above) came on inside the dash of my SUV this morning on my way home from a coffee house visit, I was motivated to take a picture.

The "sign" says "empty"--a sure sign of things to come if I don't refuel my tank. But what else can it mean? A friend called while I had paused at a Stop Sign around the corner from my house, ready to shoot. I told her what I was doing, that I'd call her right back. When I did, we had a funny discussion about the meaning of the word and/or idioms and phrases associated with the word.

She, in fact, suggested I ask you what the photo makes you think of. Here are a few of her immediate thoughts:

_Running on empty
_Out of gas (not having to do with cars)

A few of mine:

_A glass half empty/half full
_Empty calories
_Empty nest
_Empty phrases

Empty. It's a small word with many meanings. What does this visual, or the word, make you think of today? Do you have a tank that needs filling? If so, what are you doing about it?


Babette said...

Time to take a break and fill UP (soul, mind, tummy...just stop and pay attention!)

BIKE LADY said...

Oh, that's a good one, Barb. I'm trying to fill up these days on humor. I've been seeking it out a lot lately. Mostly, I think that's because I have list of things to do that's about a mile long. It would be overwhelming if I didn't laugh a lot about it all.

Ed Pilolla said...

being on empty is a natural part of the progression. it leads to a time of feasting, hopefully. i love your image and post becuz we need to recognize our emptiness before taking action.

Jan said...

Nice subject. I'm learning what's interesting to people as far as blogging subjects!

I had to laugh too, about pictures. I'm on a short out-of-state trip with dear hubby for my birthday, and I had him take pictures for me! And now anywhere I go, I think about if that tree, flower, statue would be a good pic for my blog.

Anjuli said...

Great pic- and sort of was a picture of how I felt today :) Reminded me I need to get filled up...or else I'm going to run out of gas.

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

I love this picture! It makes me think that it's time to pay attention to something, to wake up and look around because there's something that needs to be taken care of sooner rather than later.

I know what you mean about taking pictures. I don't go anywhere any more without my camera!