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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Inspired by color

Playing with color
Looking for inspiration
between the pages

(Another haiku to let you know I'm reviewing a book today by a woman I want to interview for my blog before the month is up. She's a color expert, and I just found the books on my doorstep last night. So excited to spend the morning with yellows, reds, greens, blues and other hues! What is it about color that inspires? I'm about to find out.)


Anjuli said...

Enjoyed the haiku. Color does inspire; bright colors can make us happy- too many colors though can often make us feel confused. Mellow colors lull us into a peaceful bliss- I will look forward to your interview with the author.

Ed Pilolla said...

i like it! i like that you're looking between the pages. my favorite reads are slow ones, where i stop and think and daydream and extend the time i read the book enormously.

BIKE LADY said...


Color has an interesting power, doesn't it? When the fashion experts say things like, "Blue is the new black" or some such, they're showing you exactly how powerful color can have--It can alter a whole new wardrobe season!


Thanks for thinking I'm that deep. ;-)

Ed Pilolla said...

too funny. yeah, as if you're not deep. only the deep can make such a joke about themselves. goofball:)

Kathy Murray said...

It's blues and browns for me, can't wait to read your review...

By the way, got good reviews on your inspirational piece for my ladies yesterday. Thought of you when I wrote today's post on homeless ex-o's.