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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Huffington Post reports on who inspires the world?

Since my blog focuses this month on inspiration, when I read a similar headline as the one above, I was drawn in immediately. Of course! I wanted to know who Huffington Post thinks inspires the world.

Could it LOL.

My reach, apparently, isn't far enough. But I follow many of the people on the list, including @Marcome, @LoriMoreno and @Eleesha.

If you wrote a similar list, who would you include on yours? Who in your circle of influence inspires you and why? Better yet, in what ways do you inspire others?

(Photo taken above by Jackie Dishner at Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine in Hereford, Arizona)


Jen said...

Hi Jackie,

This is a great question, and one I really had to think about (as in go to my Twitter page and see who is on there!). Here are just 3 of what I'm sure is many Twitter inspirations:

@susanorlean: Her tweets can be funny, and are always creative and interesting. She's also an amazing and successful writer, and she keeps chickens, which I love.

@food52: I love that they are doing something new and different with food online. They're website is all about interaction, and they're tweets remind me to see what's new there.

@TravelSavvyKayt: She tweets about traveling, so I can live vicariously through her while I'm a graduate student putting traveling on the back burner. She also travels with her 5-year-old son, which I think is inspirational. You can have kids and still keep some of your old life too. (which many people probably already know, but since I'm not a mother, this has been one of my fears)

Thanks for getting me to think about this!


Ed Pilolla said...

i find inspiration from the many people in my life that willingly left high paying jobs for more meaningful jobs. and anyone who follows his or heart at the expense of lifestyle.

Jan said...

Calm mothers with cranky children inspire me. People who could whine because of their circumstance but don't.

The Writer's [Inner] Journey said...

Fascinating list and interesting post to ponder. I feel like my sources of inspiration change and evolve as I do.

kerry dexter said...

there are several musicians who inspire me, but that's not usually through twitter. interesting to think of twitter as a tool for it, though

BIKE LADY said...

Kerri, good to see you back! Twitter's a great place to find inspiration. You can certainly send your followers to links back to your blog--for musical inspiration.