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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jenny Sanford will write her memoir

A news report today says Jenny Sanford, the wife of South Carolina governor Mark Sanford, the man who publicly claimed his mistress as his soulmate, will write her memoir. It is scheduled to be released in 2010.

Her focus will be about how one can maintain integrity and a sense of self during troubling times. It will be motivational in tone.

I suspect some will question her judgment about this book, but I don't. After I found out my ex was cheating on me, I knew there were lessons to be learned--and I opened myself up to learning them. Some made me proud. Some made me cringe. And most were soul growth moments. I realized the lessons I needed to learn had very little to do with him and much more to do with me. I, too, am writing a book about this.

I suspect Jenny Sanford has been learning similar lessons. For one: how do you get back up from such a fall? When you're right in the middle of it, it doesn't seem possible at all. Unless you intend to stay down, you quickly learn what you're made of and what you need to do to pick yourself back up. And if you have it in you to push back, you do. You become much more methodical, making choices more carefully, more consciously--and, of course, with dignity, if you have any sense of self left. If not, you dig deep to reconnect.

That's something I've grown to respect about his woman--her dignity shines, from my perspective. When she speaks out, she simply states the truth. She doesn't give her husband any more or any less than he deserves. And she stands tall, because she knows what he did was not about her. For many, that's the hardest lesson to accept...and it may not come quickly. For some, it never does. In this case, I see Jenny Sanford as a reluctant role model--someone, nevertheless, to watch down the road. I see her taking charge of her new role.

She is not a woman who will ever be hiding under the covers.

When faced with the unexpected knowledge that the love of your life, the person who you looked up to, leaned on, and depended on as a source of strength has betrayed you in such a personal way is one of the hardest things, I think, a woman can bear. It knocks you in the gut, over and over again. It does, indeed, make you question your very sense of self.

Ultimately, it can make you stronger. Troubling times, no matter what they are, test your strength, your inner core, your judgment. How you respond to them definitely tests your integrity. Even though I've never met her, I believe her to be a kindred spirit, and I eagerly await Jenny Sanford's take on this topic.

What about you?


MarthaAndMe said...

I'm not surprised she's writing the book. If I were her, I probably would too. I have no interest in reading it though I guess.

Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell said...

It doesn't bother me that she's wanting to get her story out there and that she's wanting it to help others.
The thing that really bothers me about "celebrities" is the fact that all of them think they are writers. We in the business know that most of these books are penned by ghost writers, but I think it is the fact that every celebrity out there has a book on the market helps perpetuate the myth that everyone who decides to tell their story is a writer (or that any of us with a story has one that is book worthy). I think this total saturation of celebrity writers makes it harder for those of us who actually do it for a living.
As for reading her book, I don't think I'll be interested. Your story, on the other hand, yes, Jackie, I would!

BIKE LADY said...

I'm pretty sure I'm biased, which is why I'm curious to read her story--not to mention that it's part of the human condition to want to find connection with others. Which is why I"m glad you'll want to read my story, Kerri. And at least, we can assume she'll put another writer to work--even if her story doesn't do her justice.

Debbie said...

I happen to admire Jenny Sanford. Her husband is the jerk, not her. And I so agree with you Jackie that we can all learn from hard times like this. I've had my share too over the years. Marriage is hard. This is my second marriage. When someone you love hurts you, I know I automatically thought what's wrong with me? It wasn't about me. However, I learned much about me through those tough years and I believe I'm better for it now.

I wish Jenny Sanford the best. And I hope you continue to write your story too Jackie.