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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thought for the day

Honor your loved ones in the best way you know how.


Tiffani Hill-Patterson said...

Great thought, Jackie. Thanks!

Jennifer Fink said...

I love the flexibility in this thought: "in the best way that you know how." Not absolutely perfectly, not the way God or Jesus would, but in the best way that you know how. That leaves lots of room for growth, but it also leaves room for being human.

Sheryl Kraft said...

The "best way" can cover a lot of ways and makes no one "wrong" for doing the best they can do. A good thing to live by.


DM said...

A very good reminder, Jackie. I really connect with the word 'honor' right now as I'm struggling to appreciate someone I love for all his gifts. When the 'bad' overtakes the 'good' it's more difficult but your message resonates especially because you're living it in the present moment. I trust and appreciate the reminder from you.

Big hugs continue to fly across the US to you, FL to AZ.

Babette said...

Love this. Thank you.