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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A view to remember

I took this photo in October on my trip to Maine. On the coast about 20 minutes south of Camden, I was taking one last look at the sunset. But it had disappeared, and when I looked at it through my camera lens, this was what was left after sunset. I liked the peaceful calm that I witnessed in my viewfinder, so I snapped the picture.
It's worth remembering what peace and calm looks like, especially during hectic times that the holidays bring.
I use photographs like this one to remind me to stop and think, to relax. I have another that I took several years ago when on a trip to the Florida gulf shores. I was on an island called St. George. The shot includes the sea in the background, the sandy beach, and two empty beach chairs up close and in the forground. I like the symbol of that. I think of that photo when I want to remind myself of places where I've been, and places where I can still go. I could be sitting in one of those beach chairs, watching the surf, listening for seagulls, drinking an ice cold Mai Tai--because right behind those two chairs is a seafood restaurant that serves them. I could be there.
In fact, my six-year goal is to own my own beach house. I think I'll buy on the coast of Maine, but I can use this photo from Florida to help keep my dream alive. I think imagery is a good thing to use as reminders of what we would like to have in our lives. It's so easy to get distracted with what's happening now, that we can all too quickly forget what might be, or what will be.
What kinds of things do you use to remind you of your dreams, to help you relax, to keep you focused on what moves you forward. A physical bike can take you there, but it doesn't know where to go without your assistance. You need reminders, such as a mental BIKE, to help you do the navigating. Otherwise, how do you know if you're heading in the right direction, or even getting close?
This next week, pay attention to what you do to stay on track of your goals. Write them down. Notice what works and what isn't working. Start a conversation with friends about this so you can get more ideas. Begin collecting photographs or magazine pictures or other momentos that will act as reminders of what you want out of life. Think about what that looks like. If it helps you to post these items on a bulletin board (or something similar), do that. Hang this where you can see it daily. Then see what happens.
If you have ideas or thoughts to share about what kinds of reminders move you forward, post a comment.


Debbie said...

This is such good advice, Jackie. I used to listen to lots of motivational tapes on my drive in to work years ago. But I still remember much of the content.

I think it was Zig Ziglar who recommended to always write down your goals. Even if you put it in a drawer and discovered it later, you'd be surprised at how many goals you had accomplished. I prefer to write my goals on index cards. I also have a picture I tore out of a magazine of how I want my body to look; with six pack abs! :)

I also kept a folder of pictures of homes and designs that I loved. When we moved into our home 10 years ago, I was able to show the designer my ideas and it made it so much easier to complete our home.

There are always circumstances in life that are unexpected and can change your plans. I work out what I can but I also pray and ask God for His direction and will for my life.

The BIKE Lady said...

I'm so glad you brought up the spiritual component, Debbie.

Prayer. Meditation. Whatever you do to find that spiritual guidance, it will help direct you to a place of peace. And peace only comes when you know you are blessed, when you make decisions that come from love. And I don't believe we can have love without that spiritual component--whatever it might be for you.

It's absolutely necessary.


Mimi Meredith said...

I have three simple words written on a sticky note on my computer monitor--Be An Author.

This September in a workshop where I was helping others with goal setting, I found myself saying out loud, "by this time next year, I'll be published." It was an amazing moment, as it was the first time I had stated such a specific goal or shared with anyone other than family, my desire to finish my book.

I think both those things have had an enormous impact on me in the last few months. I, too, have my long range goal (I think I'll add visiting Jackie's beach house to my plan!!), but these more immediate and publicly stated expressions have made my progress take on a much needed sense of urgency.

The BIKE Lady said...


I remember the first time I knew I'd write a book--it was my BIKE book. It's not done yet. I'm working on my travel guide first. But it'll happen when the time is right, when I know what I need to say...and how. That day is coming soon. I have that sense of urgency you speak of--and my daughter and former sister-in-law continue to remind me that they're waiting for my book. Right now, it's in my head. Next year, I'll get it all on paper. By this time next year.

There! Now we're both committed!