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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How to find focus in four easy steps

I'm working on a long-term project that has required my utmost attention as of late. I've run into a few snafus with my concentration levels. In other words, I've slacked off. In order to find the focus I need to complete this task, I've had to do several things.

If you're in need of finding focus for a project you're working on, maybe you'll benefit from these tips:

1) Walk away. Listen to what your mind and body are telling you. Sometimes, you just need to break away from a big project. Rather than fight the procrastination, embrace it. Do something else. Go shopping for those grocery items you need to restock in the fridge. Clean that bathroom. Do the laundry. Ride your bike. No matter what other task you decide to take on, it will help you clear your mind. When you come back to the original task, you'll be refreshed and able to move forward on the job.

2) Start small. Stop thinking about the immensity of the project you need to complete. Hone in on one small part of it, and do that first. Then hone in on another small part of it, and do that. Before you know it, you will have completed a larger piece of the project than you would have thought you could.

3) Think big. Now you can consider the job in its finished form. What will it look like when you finish it? Is this a project that will have your name on it? Will you achieve recognition because of this job? Accept the potential impact and how you will affect that. Be proud of what you've achieved, the trust others have given to you. Be pleased with your progress as it is now so that you can honor what it will be when complete.

4) Sit down. If you continue to feel the urge to move away from your desk and away from the piles of work yet to do, don't. Stay seated. The contradictions in our mind during a difficult project are similar to the contradictions that play out in any difficult moment. The yes/no, the back and forth. These struggles are meant to test you. Show this project that you are worthy. Show this project that you are capable. And then do the work.

5) BONUS: Repeat steps 1-4. Whatever it takes, you've earned the responsibility to move from start to finish. Honor the responsibility by taking on the obstacles that get in the way, even if one of those obstacles is you. It's not uncommon to engage in self-sabotage for fear of success. Whether your obstacles are real or imagined, caused by yourself or others, leading you down a path that takes you further away from progress, decide today to face them head on.

Only then can you find your focus.

If you're experiencing a challenge right now, what steps are you taking to overcome it? Post a comment and let us know. Your thoughts may be useful to someone else who joins us here at BIKE WITH JACKIE (BWJ).

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Sara Aase said...

Great approach, Jackie!

The BIKE Lady said...

Thank you, Sara. Do you have any tips to add?

ResultsPro said...

You have given us excellent advice and I find some of these ways inspire me also. When I lose focus, I regenerate with my artwork, or at the piano, and when I take hikes. Listening to my inner self only comes when I disengaged from my work.
Keep up the bike riding - that is something I want to do more of too!

The BIKE Lady said...


Something I'd like to do more of would involve the creative arts. I'd love to take art classes. In 2009, maybe I'll have time to explore that. It's definitely one way to lose yourself in thought and meditation.

Thank you for posting this idea.