This blog introduces you to my special brand of BIKE. I show you how to find your Best self, access your Inner strength, tune in to your Killer instincts, and use your Expressive voice. It's inspiring, spiritual, quirky, and it's all in your head. It's about ATTITUDE, not exercise, though that might be a side benefit.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Change will do you good

In case you haven't noticed, I've been absent for a few days. My rebranding efforts have taken me away from you. They are coming along nicely. The biggest change you might recognize is this: I've decided to drop the B.I.K.E. acronym. After living with it for more than three years, I've decided it's confusing. Someone I trust suggested it might even be distracting.


Not my intention. Not even close. So I felt good about my decision to drop it. And with that, I removed the periods between the letters and wrote a new description for the blog. I'm keeping it simple, deciding to use this space here at BIKE WITH JACKIE to teach you how to access the joy in life.

We either don't don't do that enough, don't know how to do it, or need permission. You'll get that here.
If you like the changes you see happening here over the next few months, tell your friends. Help me start the movement

And remember what Sheryl Crow says, "Change will do you good."


lisa said...

Good for you, Jackie! Change is hard but often so rewarding... I wish you the very best! Oh, and I do like "BIKE" better than "B.I.K.E."! Just don't forget to switch it everywhere on your site. ;-)

kerry dexter said...

looking forward to seeing where you go with this, Jackie, and sending you good thoughts. making and going through changes here too.

BIKE LADY said...

Thank you both for being so encouraging. Change can be difficult, but I've been wrestling with this one for quite some time. It helped to brainstorm with people who didn't know me well, and get input from people who do. In between all these conversations, a vision board and a lot of spontaneous ideas written down on scraps of paper everywhere, then a silly comment made by someone on the phone yesterday, I had an answer that felt right. It still might need some tweaking. But it feels good now. The big thing is, I"m simplifying. That isn't scary at all!

BIKE LADY said...

Oh, and Lisa, do you know what the funny this is? I had used BIKE, initially, without the periods. But it was still an acronym. Now, it's a BIKE. Just a bike. Just something fun to ride on. The thing that brought me here in the first place. Funny how things circle back around like that. Your internal system won't let you get lost for too long. That is still the message I learned long ago on those bike rides. Nothing's changed there.

Julia Munroe Martin said...

I completely agree -- change is wonderful (and also a little scary)! GREAT job!

Anjuli said...

Love your blog- and love whatever way it is packaged...simple is good- I like simple :) My brain needs simple most of the time.