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Friday, September 18, 2009

What's so great about grief?

As I deal with the death of my brother, mostly the sadness I can't seem to shake, I have looked to my BIKE work to find the opportunity in the obstacle. I asked myself this morning: what could that be?

Here's the simple answer: the realization that my support group is out there waiting for my call.

I only need to use that E, the Expressive voice, to find it. With my mental BIKE in place, I am reminded to reach out and ask for what I need. Whether it's a hug, a visit from a friend, a phone call, a pat on the back, a few words of comfort...whatever it is that I may need right here in the physical world, it is up to me to ask for it.

Thus, my question for you today is this: Do you know where to go to find your source of support? Make a list. Realize that your source of strength comes not only from the spiritual guide within but also from your friends, family and colleagues who are there, waiting for your call.

Trust that they are there for you.


Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell said...

You're so right, Jackie. During trying times we need to know there are people we can rely on to be there, if only just to hear us.

BIKE LADY said...

You keyed in on something so important, Kerri..."if only just to hear us." Isn't that all that any of us want--to be heard? We have to fix, heal and deal with our own stuff. But to be heard? That reminds us we are truly not alone, and it's such a blessing. Thanks for hearing my cries.

Jennifer Fink said...

A good friend of mine just told me to do the same exact thing: make a physical list. Write down all the people you can count on to help you, and what you can rely on them for. It sounds like a crazy suggestion, but is so incredibly helpful. It's such a comfort to see a physical manifestation of support, and having a list in place helps you remember who you can ask for what. In my case, it's helping me keep track of various wonderful offers to help (to watch the kids, for a night out, etc.)

I'm so sorry for the loss of your brother.

Anonymous said...

The list is a very good idea. It's hard to think of people to reach out to when you really need them.

Meredith Resnick said...

This is exactly why community/fellowship of trusted people is so important - why opening up to the right people is such a gift.

BIKE LADY said...

Meredith, yes. Good insight.