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Sunday, September 6, 2009

A brother is love

My brother Scott died today at around 9 a.m., Arizona time. He went peacefully. He is at rest. I am thankful he is no longer living in pain. He has returned to the original state of love.


DM said...

Jackie, I can only imagine how much your brother Scott has struggled. He's resting now, and you can too. The struggle and willing things to be different is all in the past. Peace be to him and to you too, dear one!

Feel free to DM me or we can phone chat. I'm here for you.

Debra Marrs

MarthaAndMe said...

Jackie - sending sympathy and good thoughts to you and your family. I'm sorry for your loss.

Debbie said...

Jackie, I'm so sorry to read this news. For some reason, I missed this post and wanted to send my condolences.