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Monday, April 7, 2008

More about patience

My daughter and her new husband just moved back in with me for a few months. They moved in with me the first time last summer, because he got laid off from his job. This is the second time, and it happened again. My daughter is frustrated and worried but wants to be supportive, of course. And she doesn't want to worry me. I'm not worried. After she told me about the job situation this time, she mentioned that she thinks God must be trying to teach her something.

I told her this:

"God is teaching you patience...[He wants you to know that we] do not get all that we want just because we want it. Accept what you need with graciousness--shelter, food, comfort from a loved one--and know that all the extra stuff is just that, extra.

I further explained to her that when I was going through my worst days with her father who had just left me--and I wasn't sure what was coming next--I just tried to focus on being thankful for what I had at the moment. I joined a Bible Study class for assistance. And I was praying a lot! At the same time, I allowed myself to be open to the possibilities, whatever they might be.

"You may take some detours," I told her, "but you will find the road you're meant to be on."

If you find yourself in a similar situation, where you're not sure what's coming next--and that scares you--remember to focus on the now. Ask yourself: What can I do today to plan for tomorrow?"

It may not be the complete answer to your fears, but it's an action step. Focus like that will help move you forward instead of allow you to stay stuck.

And, by the way, if you noticed I've been MIA again, that's because I'm working on my book. I've been on the road a lot lately and will continue to be for the next four months or so as I complete the research I need to do for my travel guide. I'm exploring the backroads & byways of Arizona for my book of the same name. Many of the places I'm visiting are without cell phone service and Internet connection. My book will be out in the spring of 2009 (Countryman Press). More details on that later.

For now, choose to enjoy the rest of your day.

All my best,

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