This blog introduces you to my special brand of BIKE. I show you how to find your Best self, access your Inner strength, tune in to your Killer instincts, and use your Expressive voice. It's inspiring, spiritual, quirky, and it's all in your head. It's about ATTITUDE, not exercise, though that might be a side benefit.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

BIKE your way to good health

The beauty of my special brand of BIKE (as I've mentioned before but reiterate for new readers), is that it's always with you. Here's the key: Once you've determined who you are at your core--your Best self...once you realize you can move past those obstacles, that you have the Inner strength required...once you trust that Killer instinct of yours...and once you begin to stand up for yourself and begin using with confidence your Expressive voice (Finally! There's the meaning behind the acronym!), you will let nothing hold you back. At least not for long.

I'm reminded of the lessons I've learned daily, but I particularly want to share this reminder that been's occuring this month. I've begun to redirect my attention to my physical health. Why? Because I'd let myself get out of shape, to the point that I wasn't meeting my boyfriend for Saturday morning runs. I'd find some excuse..."I'm too tired...I've got work to do...I'm drinking my coffee...It's too cold." And on and on. The truth was: I was out of shape. I don't run as fast as he does, so I'm not really running with him. But I wasn't even feeling up to running any distance at all. I'd let myself go.

My overall excuse was my work. I'd gotten caught up in it. Life was out of balance for me bacause I was choosing to put all of my focus on work. I'd neglected to fit in the all-important (for me) exercise in my morning route. Instead, I'd been getting up, fixing my coffee, and heading directly to my office to pitch stories, research ideas, or work on my book. Then, for the rest of the day, I'd work some more. And into the evening I'd work. When I decided I needed a break, I'd take time to have dinner or drinks with friends. But I was not exercising. It got to the point where I wasn't even walking my dog. If she needed to go out, I'd take her for a quick walk a few blocks and come right back home to my office. So my bad habit was even affecting my dog, and it had been going on for several months. My body was feeling the effects. And I had no choice but to notice.

It wasn't that I was gaining weight, but the weight was being redistributed to places I didn't want--my waist, for one--and my hard-earned muscle was changing to fat. The thing about BIKE is that I know what I feel like when I'm being my Best self, when I'm taking care of my physical self, for example, and I was now not feeling great. I was tired. I was getting cranky easily. I was not my normal joyful self. I was starting to lose my stamina. And the good thing is I recognized that.

I decided this month I had better change that.

Since my bicycle is in need of repair, I've once again gone back to my regular hikes up the mountain. In less than two weeks, the changes have become apparent. I have more energy. I feel lighter. My tummy's thinning out. I feel better.

So anyone out there who may doubt the power behind this mental BIKE of mine, doubt the power no more. You can find your own mental BIKE, and you can learn to take charge of all things in your life. It's a simple matter of awareness, of paying attention, of knowing what you really want yourself to feel like, to be like, to do.

I want my body to be able to continue moving forward just as much as I want my career to move forward and my bank account to increase. Not only that, but I don't want to miss out on trips with my boyfriend anymore. I was planning to go to hike the Grand Canyon next month, but I'll have to forego that trip for next year. I'm just not in good enough physical shape to keep up with him. It wouldn't be fair to him. So I'm staying behind. I'm mad at myself for that, but, again, that's why I'm refocusing my energy on my health. There are many good reasons to take care of your physical self. Not missing out on the fun you can have is just one of them.

But being aware, well, that's the beauty of this BIKE of mine.

It's not about always doing the right thing. We're not striving for perfection here. My special brand of BIKE is about knowing that if you get off track, you can and will--if you choose--get back on. Detours are sometimes necessary in life. They help you appreciate what you had and what you can have again. You just need to be aware of your behavior and take responsibilty for your own actions, without trying to blame someone else. No one else is responsible for my good health, or my poor health, but me. It's the same with you.

You really can BIKE your way to good health, in more than one way. I hope you're giving it a try.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to post them here. Let's continue this journey together.

All my best,

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