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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sick days

So I've had a sinus infection since the Tuesday after my daughter's wedding. It hit me fast and has decided to stick around for a while. I finally had to go see a doctor for an antibiotic prescription. After only one day on medicine, I'm feeling better but not enough to post much...

Other than a reminder to take care of yourself.

It feels good to take an active step in your healing, whether that's from a cold or something much larger. And let others step in to help when they can. My daughter's come to my house to check on me a few times, and to get her mail and wedding packages, and she's even taken me out to lunch--before what I thought was just a cold turned into an infection. And my BF is the one who actually took me to the doctor and has been bringing me food, including coffee when I ran out, several cans of soup, and dinner countless number of times. It feels good to take care of yourself, and it feels even better to be taken care of sometimes.

Be open to the generosity of the people in your life. Go ahead and ask for what you need.

This is just a reminder to take care of yourself in whatever way works. You're worth it.

All my best,

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