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Monday, March 17, 2008

It's okay to slow down for success

I've been working on a lot of volunteer work lately. And when I say a lot, I mean that the work is taking up far too much time than I have time for. BUT, it is work that I willingly agreed to do and work that I want to do. So I'm finding time to fit it all in, anyway.

The problem is that I am also finding that I haven't been doing my personal best. I've failed to communicate to some key people information they needed to know earlier than this week. Because of that, I missed a deadline, they missed a deadline, and an additional person will be behind on her schedule.

I'm sure you've had moments, or even days, like this. You want to do it all. You even kid yourself into thinking you actually have the time. Bah!

You know you don't.

I'm realizing that now, as I find myself fighting this sinus infection. In between fits of coughing, blowing my nose into the bazillionth tissue, and keeping track of how many doses I take of this and that--and when--I'm also trying to stay on top of this volunteer work. It mostly involves an upcoming conference. But at the same time, I'm suposed to be on the road working on my travel guide book.

I'm too ill to be on the road, so the give and take here means that I'll be a little behind on the book as well. That's not my personal best, and it's not the quickest route to my success, either.

I'm really having to live a bit of quiet choas as I shift my attention to the conference. I'm organizing and moderating a panel of four speakers, as well as organizing volunteers to host what's called the Green Room. That's the waiting room where panelists/speakers hang out before they present. There's not much to either of these things really. The hard part is organizing the people involved. And that's not bad at all. But it would have gone much smoother if I had started earlier. But I wasn't planning my time effectively. And now I'm sick, and this is what I'm left with--not enough time to do it all.

So what now?

Forgive myself my defects. Yes, I can do that. Hey, I'm only human, right?! Then get to work. Yes, I can do that as well. I'm now busy dealing with one piece of each of the projects at a time. My mind--with its stuffy sinuses getting in the way--doesn't want to take in too much all at once. So I'm having to channel all that patience I talk about and work slowly, deliberately, and cautiously. Otherwise, I might make a mistake while sending out e-mails. I'm being forced to remember that it's a good thing to slow down for success.

When you're in a hurry, or feel rushed to complete something or to get somewhere, can you remember to slow down before you're forced to slow down? You know you're going to get there. It might take a few minutes longer, but you will reach your destination. You will complete that project. You will achieve your goal.

Think of it as taking the crazy times and taming them. If you don't take control of it first, your body will do it for you. It will act as its own reminder if you don't. And then you'll be left with something worse than a head cold.

Next time you recognize that you've overscheduled yourself, like I have, remember to slow the pace down. Start saying no to the next projects that are offered to you, and give yourself time to tackle what's already in front of you. If you can do that, trust me, your sinuses will thank you for it.

All my best,

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