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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Your voice, your vote--be counted

Last night at 6:29 p.m., I realized, "Oh, crap! I forgot to vote in the primary."

So I quickly got dressed, fed my dog, and headed out the door.

Then, "Oops! Don't know where the polling place is."

Since it changes every year, and I'd trashed the mail-in documents with the information I needed on it, I couldn't be sure where I needed to go. So I quickly got online to find the location. I googled "Arizona polling sites," by the way, because I didn't know exactly where to search and didn't remember I could go straight to the Arizona Secretary of State's office to get the information I needed. Well, now I know.

By the time I found what I was looking for I only had 10 minutes left before polling closed. And wouldn't you know it? I got in my car to drive over and realized I had left the directions inside the house. No worries. Didn't need them. I'd been to the place before and thought I could find it easily enough. Nope. Took two wrong turns in my neighborhood before I found the street I wanted and saw the Greek Orthodox church I remembered from last time.

As soon as I started to walk up to the building, a man yelled across the yard at me, "Two minutes!"

I had to laugh because I thought I was down to one.

But I made it in time. As soon as I walked in the door, I saw my neighbor who was working the polls. She showed me where to sign, and I received my ballot. I was the last person to vote there that day.

Another poll worker stuck a sticker on my shirt. Whew! I served my duty.

The thing is. I didn't want to.

That was no accident that I "forgot" to vote. I didn't want to. I've been feeling more and more disaffected with politics and government in the last four years than I ever have in my entire life, to the point that I don't care to participate. And, yet, I know on some level, it has to make a difference when you do.

In my youthful years, particularly the college years and the early years of my career, I loved to talk politics. Loved it. Read every single thing that was newsworthy and politically-related. Subscribed to political magazines. Read biographies of important political figures. But I almost never do that anymore. In fact, I've avoided it altogether.

Until this year.

I've started to regain an interest because of the immigration bill my governor signed into law this year. It was horrendously controversial. And it really made me realize, "I don't have a voice."

At least, not unless I use it. So that's why I voted.

Will you vote in your primary?


Alexandra said...

I will vote in the local primary Sept. 14th. Two important seats are up for grabs. I'm voting for the Democrat whose views on the environment make the most sense to me. That is the main issue here as far as I'm concerned, stopping the utility company from spraying herbicides which will filter into our sole-source aquifer.

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. Have not yet had a chance to check out all the recommendations, but I can tell you Holden Inn has walls that are extremely thin, something I cannot say on my blog, so I would think the only reason the writer would be recommending it is for the rate and the fact that it is probably possible to book only one night. I tell people, confidentially, NOT to go there. Ha-ha!

Did you see the reporters who rode a tandem from Ptown to our place in early June?

BIKE LADY said...

No, I didn't see the tandem ride. Did you post about it on your blog? I'll look if you did. Funny about the Holden Inn. I'll be sure to remember that piece of advice. Can't stay there if I'm ever in the Cape, anyway. I'd be remiss if I didn't call you, instead!

Environment is important everywhere.

kerry dexter said...

your story reminds me of why I've sent in for absentee ballots these last few times... though this time I ended up walking down to the courthosue and turning it in.

I did vote in our primary. so much negative campaigning, it was sad. so often wanted to say tell me what's right about you, not what is wrong about the other person.

BIKE LADY said...

Kerry, I feel that way in every election. It's pathetic, isn't it? I like the idea of walking to the courthouse to vote. Do you live in a small town?

Lonnie@Dho said...

yeah your right bike lady....