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Monday, August 23, 2010

Motivation for Mondays!

There's nothing so fun (and flattering) as discovering who else besides your publisher is carrying your book and selling it front and center. I made the above discovery on Sunday, while researching another book project I'm hoping to write in the future.

Can you see my book? It's right there on page 1 of the Southwest Books section at this online bookstore. It might seem like a little thing to some, but to me it was highly motivating! It made my day, as if it were a little shot in the arm for self-esteem health.

For the week ahead, so you're sure to stay motivated and productive, consider what little things like this have motivated you in the past, or what's pushing you now. Make a list, and stick that in front of your computer or somewhere visible near your work station. Let yourself be reminded of your contribution to the world.

Even if you haven't received any recent feedback, your work matters to someone. And sometimes we find this out unexpectedly, or by accident, as I did on Sunday. After I stumbled upon this site, I realized my book provides this online bookstore with product, and that's something that matters to them. It helps the store stay in business, and that's a nice way to think about what I created.

So think about what you're creating (a book, articles, artwork, etc.) or think about what service you provide to others. Who benefits from your work? Remind yourself why you keep doing what you do, and let that be a motivating force for you this week.

By the way, the discount offered for my book at this site is a better bargain than what I've seen lately at So if you know anyone who's looking for a great guide to Arizona's backcountry, spread the word. Send them the above link, or refer them to my site. I appreciate any and all referrals--and purchases. Thank you. Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Jackie...nice start to the week.

Barb Freda (somedays, just can't sign in!)

Joy said...

Good reminder, Jackie. I recently revised my business plan and included rewards for some short-term (6 mo) goals. Wow! What a great feeling to have met some of these and get my "prize" for finishing the job.

BIKE LADY said...

Joy, I reward myself almost daily. So keep that in mind. We think we only get rewarded for special things, whatever that means. But I think every thing we do needs to be recognized, especially when we're our only boss. The only person who can give you feedback is you. Learn to become aware of all the good you do; that awareness will help you jump the hurdles you might otherwise trip over on the way. I'm talking about mess ups that occur. We can let them shoot us down, but not if we are ready with fight-back ammunition. Then you can say, "Oh, yeah! Well, I may have messed up there. But here I didn't. And here I didn't. And here I really did great! So there!" Become awareness of your goodness and celebrate it daily.

kerry dexter said...

thanks, Jackie. I've been sitting here for a few minutes remembering two very different times when I've received good, and very unexpected, recognition for my work... it's been a quite a while since those things happened, but the memories are good.

BIKE LADY said...


I have no patience to wait. LOL. That's why I go out and actively seek it. I'll take feedback, good and bad, wherever I can find it. But I think it's important, either way, especially for us who work alone.