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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Partner with others

If you're having a difficult time moving forward in your career or personal life, no matter the challenge, sometimes it's helpful to partner with others.

Recently, I met with several women authors who are either getting ready to publish or have published new books. We all are looking for advice and direction on how to market our books. So we thought it would be helpful to get together and exchange ideas. Some of us are further along than others. Some of us are just getting started.

So we agreed to meet at a wine bar, and we spent that first evening learning a lot about each other's work. We each took turns sharing what our book projects are about, and it was truly an inspiring evening. One author's book helps her readers eat and live healthier, another author's book guides readers through techniques that lead you to become your authentic self, and mine (which isn't out yet) guides you through the Backroads & Byways of Arizona (Countryman Press, Fall 2009).

Just getting together like this made us each realize that together we can do good things, and the meeting led to a connection with someone I might not have spent time with otherwise.

But we've already run into our first snag--time. I've proposed a second meeting and hope it'll occur soon, but summer schedules are taking over, and I know that's going to be another challenge to overcome. I think what will happen is our group will become slightly smaller, but I do think we'll continue meeting.

I've already discovered that one of the authors is willing to drive around the state with me to promote our books together. So if nothing more comes out of this first meeting, that did. And that's something. It also solidifies my thoughts about creating partnerships wherever possible; it sure makes those daunting tasks ahead seem a lot easier to bear. Most importantly, you are reminded you're not alone.

So partner up! Find someone to help you through the challenges that crop up both normally and not so normally. Find a group of like-minded (or not) people who are working on something similar as yourself and could use outside input. The blogathon that's taking place this month here at BIKE WITH JACKIE is another good example of partnering benefits. I've seen my page hits go up. I'm attracting new readers. And, hopefully, I'm helping some of you out there handle your own headaches. Sometimes, it takes an aspirin. But other times, it just takes a little exercise--in positive action.

Now let's hear from you. Has there been a time when you've partnered up? What happened because of it? What lessons did you learn? If you'll share your stories here, your words might help someone else, and I always appreciate the input.

And thanks to Andrea Beaulieu for sending me the photo from our first authors' meeting. Can you tell we had a great time? And look at us proudly show off our work. Sweet!


Jen Netherby said...

Totally agree with you Jackie. I think partnering up, especially for those of us that work on our own as freelancers, is so important. When I moved to Portland, I met two nearby writers that I meet with once a week to brainstorm ideas, discuss work and cheer each other on. Having that has helped me to really push beyond my comfort zone and pitch new markets and try new things.
And this blogathon has done the same for me.

Debbie said...

I was trying to guess where your meeting took place. Was it at Postino's Wine Cafe? What a great idea to do this. I love meeting new people and helping one another out, whether it's with new ideas or sharing what you've learned. I joined up with another blogger on Fridays and we do Fitness Friday. It's become so popular now that she's starting to use Mr. Linky and others are joining us. I get more traffic also when I join with another group meme on Tuesdays called In Other Words Tuesdays.

The BIKE Lady said...


I like the idea of a small group such as yours. I once had a very large group of freelancers I met with monthly. It was great support, but we didn't do enough brainstorming. We mostly met for lunch with editors, which worked out very well for me at the time. I do try to find a group when I need one.

In an earlier post, I said helping others helps you. And I'm very much a believer in that. I have a friend who's been needing lots of support lately as she's getting back into freelancing, so that's been helping me, too. In fact, we meet again this week. I hope we'll do some brainstorming. I have a lot of ideas I need to pitch right now.


I can't believe you guessed that right. You have a good eye, or you go to Postino's a lot! :-)

I'm envious of your ability to embrace the more technical aspects of blogging. I have a lot to learn and am taking a class, but it's been hard fitting it in. I'll be working on that this weekend. I don't know what Mr. Linky is. Sounds funny. I don't know what a meme is, either. How do they help your blog/traffic?

We still need to meet up in person. I'd still like that.

Thanks for visiting BIKE WITH JACKIE. I'll stop by your blogs very soon.


Judy Gruen said...

I think these partnerships for authors aren't just a good idea; they're essential! We work alone, and the work of marketing our books is endless. As much as we believe in our work and our books, doing at least part of it with someone else who appreciate what it's all about is a huge benefit. Makes us feel a little less lonely, and perhaps a bit less crazy for doing it at all!

The BIKE Lady said...


I agree 100 percent. It's why people who are self-employed navigate toward others outside that home office. We need it, if only to save our sanity. Ha!


Jennifer Fink said...

I used your post as a jumping off point for my blog today. Check it out at

The BIKE Lady said...


I will! Thanks. Just goes to show, partnering works in many ways. ;-)