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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Don't let delays in your schedule get you down

Ha! I've been on the road all day. Didn't get a chance to post until now, and now it's after 9 p.m., and I'm ready to call it a day.

That being said (or written), I'll use my tardiness to teach a good lesson. The headline says it all: don't let delays in your schedule get you down. Even though I've been traveling, I can still meet my goal to post once a day for 30 days. I may not say much, but I'm trying to incorporate in the words a good lesson. If you don't think you can get anything done worthwhile, dig just a tad bit deeper, and you'll find something worthwhile to do that will get you that much closer to your goal.

I doubt today's post here is going to change lives much, but it might be exactly the phrase or lesson at least one of you needed. At least, I hope so. If you've been letting lack of time, for example, get in the way of your progress, push yourself just a little bit and find something to do related to that project and do it.

Is there paperwork you've been putting off for later? Is there a phone call you need to make but haven't out of some untested fear? Is there a memo that needs written, a check that needs deposited, a room that needs reorganizing? If there's anything at all that's keeping you from moving forward, simply because you got behind and have been spending your time worrying about that tardiness, promise yourself right now, right this very moment, that you'll forgive yourself the tardiness if only you pick one thing to do that is related to that project. Just one. And do it.

The delay is only a delay if you continue to make it so. Unmake it.

It can be that simple.

Have a great evening!

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