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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Celebrate your connections

Just a quick post to make a few announcements to let you know what's ahead at BIKE WITH JACKIE:

  • RANDOM BIKE PHOTO I want to remind you about the new section I created this month. Called "Random Bike Photo," you'll see it on the right-hand side, above my bio/photo. I thought it would be fun to post bike photos on the blog--both for amusement and to help you associate the BIKE with positive mental imagery. At first, I thought I'd just post photos that I took myself, random bikes that I see during my travels, and such. But I had interest from some of my readers, and they've sent in their own photos (See Jennifer Fink's photo up now.). I have two more scheduled to run in June, and I have several more of my own to post. But if you come across a bike and want to take a picture of it for me, or have a photo already, let me know about it. Either post a comment in today's post or any post after today (I'll get it!), or follow me on Twitter (@bikelady), and we'll get that posted for you. The more unique the better. In other words, those bikes you see in unusual places, I like that. Well, using good judgment, of course.
  • BOOK REVIEWS I've announced this before, but I have a library full of books that either I have read or will be reading for inspiration and advancing my knowledge about the mind/body connection, which is really what my BIKE philosophy is all about. So I'll be posting book reviews or more Q/As with authors in the future. Watch for those.
  • READER PROFILES I also would like to incorporate a regular interview with my followers into the blog. For one, it helps me get to know you better. And secondly, it will allow readers to get to know you as well. You all have some kind of common thread that drives you here, so it'll be interesting to see what that might be. So I'll be contacting you periodically to see if you're interested in participating in that. The interview would allow me to find out what brought you here, what's working for you, and what we can do better in the future. Also, I'd include links to your books/blogs/Web sites, so you can gain a little advertising out of it as well. When your interview is posted, I hope you'll refer the site to friends, family and colleagues so you can fully enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.

If you have any suggestions, thoughts, or comments that you'd like to share now about other ways to celebrate connections, please post them below. As always, I love to hear what you have to say. I'm here to help you learn new ways to move your life forward, or to encourage you in any way possible.


Horrible Sanity said...

Count me in for the reader's profile :)

The BIKE Lady said...

Awesome. Thanks!

Vera Marie Badertscher said...

Just saying "Hi". I like all your new ideas. MyMelange (.net) just posted a bunch of Italian vehicles, including bike, pictures on her blog. You should take a look. And, of course, I have the BICAS jewelry and sculptures from bike parts. I'm curious as to whether the blogathoners will take a break after May 31.

The BIKE Lady said...


Thanks for your kind words. I'll take a look at this site you mention. If you want to send over one of the BICAS photos, I'll post it later this month. I'll DM you my e-mail address, though I think you probably have it already.

Last year, when we did the Blogathon, I believe most everyone backed off a bit from blogging. I find it REALLY helps me stay focused. I'm fairly good at blogging regularly, but not daily. I love this event for that reason. It's easier for me to stay on top of it when I'm playing with others. :-) I wish it occurred on a quarterly basis!