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Friday, January 2, 2009

Question of the day: Where do you find inspiration?

No long post today, just a simple question...and a little bit more: where do you find inspiration?

Do you look for it in other human beings? Do you find it in your surroundings? Do you stumble upon it accidentally? Do you actively search for inspiring moments to teach you something, or do you think inspiration is purely spontaneous?

I'd love to read your comments, thoughts and stories? Post them below. Let's start a dialogue. This is the time of year to get inspired--but how?

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Debbie said...

I get inspiration from a number of places. Sometimes when I go hiking and see the beauty of nature, it inspires me. I've had times when I came off the mountain and couldn't wait to write down my thoughts. I even wrote a poem once in my head while I was climbing down the mountain.

Other times, it could be during my early morning quiet times. I keep a journal and I try to be still. For me, it helps to pray and also read my Bible. Other times, it's just a time of quietness.

I can also get inspired by other people. Being with bright people cause me to stretch a bit and sometimes very artistic people can inspire me. This is a good question to ponder.