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Monday, January 5, 2009

The importance of a day of rest

I've been working semi-non-stop for several months now. To stay motivated, I find that I need to take more frequent breaks during the day than I normally would with a regular work schedule. Otherwise, I get cabin fever. I take the dog for a walk, run up and down the steps, turn on the TV and jump on the trampoline (when it's not broken)...

Since I work from home, without a boss hovering over my desk making sure I'm being productive, I am in charge of managing my own time. This weekend, I wasn't feeling my best, so took a lot of down time. I had to let the manager in me let me go. But my mind wasn't resting. My inner entrepreneur was still at work.

I know that this will be the process I go through from now till the end of this month, until I finish this book project of mine. So I dream of what I will do when I really am able to take a day of rest, to experience down time. Maybe I'll even take a vacation, I think.

On your day of rest, whether it be on Sunday or any other day of the week, what's your favorite thing to do? Do you like to catch up on reading the magazines that have been stacking up, do you pull out your favorite novel or buy a new one you've been wanting to read, do you take time to cook a gourmet meal? What do you look forward to doing on the weekend, or your days off, that you don't have time to do during the work week?

I'm wondering if doing nothing for a while wouldn't be the best thing for me. I'd embrace that idea if it weren't for the fact that I have a few other big projects coming up the next few months after this one is turned in. And then there will be editing and more scheduling and more work. Thankfully, I enjoy the work I do. It's fuels me in so many ways.

And maybe that down time I crave isn't in the cards for me this first quarter.

I do know, however, that down time is important. It regenerates, refreshes and renews the spirit, mind and body. Without it, a person could go crazy. That means my goal for 2009 will be to work harder at scheduling in those days of rest. Little bits and pieces are enough for now, but not forever.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this.

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