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Monday, June 16, 2008

Up from down

I've been feeling a bit needy lately, even lonely, even blue. So last Friday afternoon, I wrote out a list of what seemed to be bugging me. Why was I feeling so neglected, I was wondering.

My list was a bit skewed, I noticed, as I found myself trying to make my depressed state be about something or someone other than myself. I watched myself writing that I was feeling poorly because of something I had no control over: other people and situations. I had to face facts. I was feeling down because I chose to feel down. Ouch! The truth can hurt, can't it? Well, then. What was I going to do to start feeling good again? I had to ask myself that question because I no longer wanted to stay where I was at. Clearly, it wasn't getting me anywhere.

If you recall my recent posts, they've been alluding to my feelings.

The fact is, I wasn't asking for help when I needed it. I wasn't telling someone who I've missed seeing that I missed seeing him. And I was procrastinating on projects that needed to be done--yesterday. So, I had to face facts. I wasn't upset with anyone or anything. I've been upset with me.

Once I realized that, I could finally get to work making things right, getting the jobs done I needed to do, and otherwise taking care of myself. It is, after all, as I've been telling you, my job to take care of me. Sometimes, though, isn't that a tough job? It is. Yes. But once you realize that it's okay to fret, that sometimes you need to fret, your perspective begins to change. It's that yin and yang of life again.

So I started asking for help. I started doing the jobs around the house that needed to get done. I called a different who was available to go out to breakfast with me. Sometimes, the schedule we get used to changes, and we have to look for something else to fill its place.

Today, I feel much better.

I'll be on the road for a few days again this week, so I won't be posting much, if any. If I'm anywhere near access to the Internet, I'll check in. But otherwise, I'd like you to consider the moments when you've felt depressed or down. What kind of steps have you taken to move yourself out of that state of mind? If you know what it takes to turn that frown upside down, as they say, you'll be better prepared to handle the next time you're not feeling 100 percent. Learn to be aware of what you need to move yourself up from down.

Maybe all you need to do for now is to get that bike out of your garage.

It's worked for me many times.

All my best,

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Mullins Creative said...

You are so right with your Kudos File. I do a similar thing, but refer to it as a Character Box. You inspired me to share it. If you'd like to read more, here it is.