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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Save it for the kudos file


When someone gives you the literary high-five, save it. Whether it comes by e-mail, a thank-you card, or letterhead, create that kudos file today and save all those good vibes that come your way.


There will be days when you feel like nothing is going right, like no one appreciates you, as if the world is crashing down on your head. That's when you'll need this file. You'll refer to it for the metaphorical pat on the back we all need from time to time. It'll be the reminder you need to pull you back into reality...Someone does love you. Someone does appreciate you. Someone does know your value. And that someone is not just you.

Why this post today? I just picked up a copy of a book that was given to me by a colleague. I was taking her keynote workshop class, and we cliqued. So she gave me a copy of her book, Outsmart Your Brain! And inside the cover, she wrote, "Jackie, choose to laugh and's your gift." What a great testament from a woman I'd only gotten to know that weekend! It's the few words like those that remind us all of our value. On the days when we've forgotten that--and those days will come, even for the most confident--our kudos file will be something we can turn to for the uplift when we need it.

So dig out all the testaments you've received, hold onto the past thank-yous and any forthcoming ones, save whatever kinds words in print you recieve. Put them all in one file and label it your "Kudos File." From here on out, this will be your reminder of who you are when you're at your very best.

Isn't that something to appreciate?



Christie's Corner said...

Great idea, Jackie. I have a file for stuff like this but didn't know that to name it. It will now be dubbed the Kudos File from hereon in.

The BIKE Lady said...

Hey there, Christie's Corner. I tried to Stumble your blog but couldn't. I'll try again later. This blog business is tough business. I love your blog! It makes me hungry every time I go there.

And glad I could help you with the name of your file. :-)


Rebecca I. Allen said...

I keep a kudo file - both paper and electronic. However, I don't read through them very often, hardly ever actaully. And, I should -else, what are the props there for?
Being a reporter, I also have a "hater" file, for those hate mails that come in after a good story runs, usually. And, I kinda appreciate those even more. lets me know I'm doing my job. Viva la Fourth Estate! ;-)