This blog introduces you to my special brand of BIKE. I show you how to find your Best self, access your Inner strength, tune in to your Killer instincts, and use your Expressive voice. It's inspiring, spiritual, quirky, and it's all in your head. It's about ATTITUDE, not exercise, though that might be a side benefit.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Life lessons from the seat of a bicycle

 Sharing a few of my latest tweets for today's post:

_What can a bicycle do for you, besides help you get fit? It can fine tune your sense of awareness. That's huge.
_What else can a bicycle do for you? It can build inner strength. What you see outside translates internally.  
_Riding a bicycle makes you take personal responsibility. It reminds you that you are in charge of your actions.
_Giving yourself this quiet time on the bicycle is time for thoughtful introspection about the challenges of the day.
The bike ride is really about giving yourself that quiet time to reflect, to learn more about yourself from the person who knows you the best--you. If you don't ride, what would you--or do you already--do in place of that? Some people I know run, others knit. Still others paint. Share some of your life lessons.

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