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Friday, August 26, 2011

Coping strategy: Spend time in the great outdoors

I just returned from a 20-minute walk around my neighborhood. Nothing grand like my canyon hike to the Travertine creek pictured above. Nothing lengthy, either. Just a quick walk around a couple of blocks to refresh. It made me realize I'm lucky to appreciate the outdoors in such a way that even the heat (The temperature out there is at least 111 degrees this afternoon) won't keep me from stepping out when I know I can use the break.

I learned a long time ago that spending time outside is a great coping strategy. You don't have to do much. You don't have have a big plan to follow. A simple walk, as I did, around a block or two will relieve a little stress, ease a little ache, and relax the busy mind. Even if I'd just decided to sit outside on the patio and feel the fresh air on my skin or take in the still blue color of the sky, I would have returned to my desk with a different perspective.

From time to time I'll be posting a quick coping strategy that you can try at home or at your office when you're feeling a bit stressed during these tough economic times. It won't be anything inaccessible. The tips will be easy enough to accomplish on your end. If you need to re-work them a bit to fit your situation, I'll leave that creative challenge up to you. My purpose will simply be to help you awaken the idea that no matter the challenge you face in your daily life, you are well-equipped to overcome it--one coping strategy at a time.

And if you're wondering why I took that short walk today, it was for one reason. I'm participating in a daily challenge with other writers I know on Facebook. Called "Writers on the Move," its purpose is to get writers up and out from behind the desk in order to create a healthier life. When I'd realized I'd not participated yet today, I thought I should get up and move so I could post my update. I decided a walk would do. It did. And I feel accomplished. See how it works?

Wouldn't you feel better about something that's been bugging you or nagging at you or otherwise challenging you if you took a few moments to spend some time outdoors and get away from it all?

If you want to know why this works so well, this article (even though it focuses on the benefits for kids) explains it well.  If that doesn't convince you, here's an article that explores more reasons why the outdoors are good for adults, too.



Anjuli said...

What a fitting post for me to read today- I spent much of the morning outside- and I did sense such a better feeling for it!! (thought to myself- I need to do this MORE) I read your post and it confirms it!!

I look forward to other hints.

Tia Bach said...

First of all, gorgeous picture! I love getting outdoors, and so miss living in Colorado. But I should embrace the beauty here in Maryland, too. Thanks for the inspiration.

I think I'll head out for a walk before my kids return from their first day of school!

(And I'm enjoying Writers on the Move as well)

BIKE LADY said...

Anjuli, glad I could help. More hints to come. :-)

Tia, I am really loving FB's Writers on the Move. I use it to hold myself accountable and try to post there daily. Glad you liked the picture. It was one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. And then I discovered there are Travertine falls not only in Arizona but also in Turkey. Would love to spend time outdoor there! And I imagine Maryland has it's outdoor benefits. Please do go find them and report back. Oh, and I think I've read you're now working on your next novel with your mom? True?

Tia Bach said...

Jackie, You inspired me to look, and I did. I found a nice woody path near my house that RT is 3 miles. Not bad for a quick and pretty walk.

Yes, sequel on the way. We're about 1/3 in. Wish us luck.