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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Check out Modern Love Rejects

If you've ever been rejected, like I have, from the New York Time's Modern Love editor, you know it's disheartening. Essays are personal. They're fun to write. And dammit, we want to see them published. Luckily for us rejectees, Modern Love Rejects came to the rescue. It's a site that gives us another chance for our essays to see the light of day--and maybe a few readers as well. Not NYT's number of readers, but readers nonetheless.

Today, I became one of those lucky ones. Modern Love Rejects (@ModLoveRejects on Twitter) accepted my essay called "Acting Out." If you visit the site to give my words a read, please leave a comment. And if you've ever been rejected by Modern Love, post a comment here on my site.

If you want to know how to submit to either, visit Modern Love Rejects. The editors tell you how to do both. It's a great resource for essay writers who have an essay they truly believe in and want to see published so badly they'll forfeit the pay.


kerry dexter said...

did you know there's a magazine (well, web zine) which only publishes poetry which has been rejected elsewhere? they reject about 85% of what is submitted to them, also.

BIKE LADY said...


I'd never heard of that site but bet some readers here would love to know about it as well. I took a quick peek and think I'll return. I used to write poetry a lot. Once thought I might pull together a chapbook but never did. It's not something I studied. Do you write poetry?

Anjuli said...

GREAT essay- just came from reading it! WELL DONE!

BIKE LADY said...

Thanks for reading it, Anjuli. It's some payback to get such a great response from the so many women who I know have read the piece.

kerry dexter said...

to answer your question: yes, I do write poetry, some of which has been published. I find writing poetry is a good discipline in itself, and that it helps with my narrative writing as well. different ways of exploring an idea, for example.