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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Need a hug?

I do.

I need a hug or two, or three...[[[hug]]].

Why? I'll tell you why. It started yesterday, when I began experiencing technical difficulties with my computer/network/Internet connection. Missed a deadline. And the computer didn't seem to care. No matter how much troubleshooting I did with him. Frustrated, I went to sleep. It was already late for me, anyway.

Then, this morning, I was on the phone for THREE HOURS with the computer technicians who could only TEMPORARILY fix my computer. And you know how you have to answer questions, do all those things, check this, check that, disconnect this, try this, try that, and converse back and forth to the guy you wind up interrupting most of the time because you need to clarify a command or question? Well, I have a cold--a hacking, nagging cough kind of cold--and I kept hacking over the phone, not hearing him over that, and then finally we reached a conclusion. The temporary fix. It's probably my computer, not the connection. So I'll have to go through this again with someone else. But what else can you do when your computer goes on the fritz?!

Ya gotta do it. Just not now.

I need to give my voice a rest. And I have a meeting in a half hour.

Needless to say, I am NOT having a good day, and I just want to go sit in a dark room and cry. But I can't. I'm heading out to my meeting, and then getting right back to work. The deadline is still there, and now it's nagging me.

You know what else? Even exercise didn't help much, though it probably helped me suffer through the phone consultation with the computer guy who could not really fix my computer. At least he kept apologizing and was nice. Still, that whole situation was, well, you know, aggravating.

And did I tell you my eye is watering. Just my right eye. Don't know why. Allergies, maybe? Not sure. But it's probably not good, and I'm going to have to do my best to ignore it for now.

Yes, even the lady who usually motivates and inspires you has a bad day every now and then. And, boy, did it feel good to get that off my chest!

Anyone else need to rant? Post your lengthy rants here, so we can all commiserate together.

Hugs to you!


Grady's Page said...

I can commiserate with you on the cold; the hacking, coughing, sniffing and snarfing cold. I had to suck it up and give a presentation this morning! The light at the end of the tunnel was lunch with a colleague who very politely tolerated my hacking and sniffing at the table. It was lovely to reconnect with her. I'm working the rest of the day at home so that the germ and Hazmat suit jokes at work aren't within earshot any longer!

Love the blog! Keep it up!


Marcia Reynolds said...

This seems like the month for hugs. Thanks for your honesty. I've been struggling this month and most people just tell me to focus on the wonderful things I have created. I would rather they just shake their head and hug me.

BIKE LADY said...

Kimberly, thanks for visiting. I'm glad you like my blog, and I'm glad your friend suffered with you. Good friends are great for that. I'm also glad my day got better as the hours went by. But I'm just now getting in to the office to actually work--after a little catch up. It'll be a long and productive night. Please come back, and I'll be sure to check out your site as well.

Marcia, I'm sorry you're struggling. If you'd like a real life hug, let me get past my cold, and then let's get together in person. You ARE creating wonderful things, but sometimes...let me just say...sometimes...and leave it at that. You can fill in the blanks. I'll shake my head and offer a few cyber hugs for now and send you an e-mail for later.


CliffordTheITGuy said...

I hope you are getting better with the flu. In fact, the bugs are everywhere here in christchurch, NZ in this cold cold winter. :-(

I can certainly relate to your frustration with the helpdesk support and as an IT administrator, i've had many of those days talking with people in India and have no resolution for me. In the end, I have to spend many hours of research and probing other IT professionals to get my problem solved.

I'm not sure what your problem is, but couldn't the IT guy have remote access to your computer to fix the problem for you, rather than with you?

This is what I normally suggest people to do if the problem gets too out of hand.

anyway I hope you get lots of hugs and kill all those bugs..:-)

BIKE LADY said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Clifford. My service provider was working with me remotely, but I don't think he fully understood my problem. I have to call Apple and see if they can deal with it from the computer end, rather than the service provider end. Maybe that will work. But that's for another day, when I can lose another few hours on the phone. LOL.