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Monday, August 2, 2010

Motivation for Mondays!

You never know who reads your blog. Friends, of course. Maybe a family member or two. But it's always the most fun to discover people you don't know reading your blog. Last week I discovered a new reader who runs her own bike blog, and I wanted to bring her to your attention:

She Rides a Bike

It's a fun blog with a ton of bike-related photos and stories, about her life commuting by bike--in heels, sometimes. It's a bike culture blog that I just spent an hour (when I should be working) visiting and reading past posts.

My regular readers know why I blog about the BIKE. It's not necessarily about the metal transportation tool. Mine's more of a mental tool. But it took a bike to get there. It's about forward movement.

Therefore, I'm always happy to find other interesting bike blogs, of any kind. She Rides a Bike is now a new favorite and motivated me to remember that it's not always about my BIKE. Sometimes, it really is about the ride itself--and encouraging others to hop on only makes sense. If you get a minute, stop over at She Rides a Bike for more good reasons to ride. I think you'll find some motivation there you didn't expect.

Enjoy your Monday and the start of a new week ahead!


kerry dexter said...

your comment about "not exactly about the metal transportation tool" made me think of Matt Heaton's song Giant of the Road, which is, and is not, about the metal bike, too. Do you know it? here's a sample
it's on the album called Blue Skies Above.

BIKE LADY said...

That's such a sweet song, Kerry. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Liked the sound of the gears at the beginning. I also like the idea of being a giant of the road. We are the giants of our own roads, aren't we?

Alexandra said...

Jackie, I love why you write about biking! I just posted about bikes on Outer Cape Cod. We have a big race coming up. I also posted about vandals creating a hazard on the Cape bike trail. I told the guy who writes the town Web site about the articles, and he said not to scare the tourists, that he did not want to post the articles, but don't you think it's important to warn bikers of possible danger on a trail most people think is safe?

BIKE LADY said...

Absolutely, Alexandra. If you know that there's a reason for anyone to be cautious about anything it would behoove you to post that, or to warn people. Not to do so sounds self-serving to me. I want tourists to enjoy my state. That means, they may have to know about the not-so-great things as well--so they can make up their own minds about going or not. Your contact sounds like he's afraid they'd make the choice to not come, which isn't always the case. Most people are intelligent enough to weigh the pros and cons. I'm heading to your blog to see what all the fuss is about. I doubt it would deter me, but I would like to know what I might need to do to be safe, especially if traveling alone.

She Rides a Bike said...

Thanks for the very nice plug, Jackie. I'm extremely flattered!