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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Helping hands heal the world

Today, there's no post per se. Just the photo of these two Talistones I purchased last week at a resort in Carefree.

I was told the symbol imprinted on the stones means the Hand of Fatima, that it refers to healing. I liked that very much, so I bought two and plan to give one to my friend whom I will see for lunch on Monday.

However, in a quick search, I discovered this meaning may not be as accurate as I was told. I plan to research this further and report my findings tomorrow--along with the photo again, because I think the stones represent a powerful image that I don't want to take lightly. I'll also tell you a bit more about why I purchased the stones in the first place. There's always a story.

Meanwhile, think about what healing hands--or helping hands--mean to you, and post a comment if you like.


A said...

I thought 'Hand of Faitma' symbolizes peaceful co-existence.

BIKE LADY said...

That may very well be one of the interpretations. I'll post what I learn tomorrow.

Anjuli said...

I have never seen these before.