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Monday, June 14, 2010

Helping hands heal the world revisited

Last week, I visited The Boulders Resort near my home in Phoenix for a media event. We were to meet at the resort spa, and I arrived 30 minutes early, deciding to step inside the gift shop and look around. Perhaps they might want to carry my new travel guide, I thought. But I was soon sidetracked by the basket of Talistones near the entrance. Each stone in the basket, meant to be held in the palm of your hand or put in your pocket, was etched or engraved with a design--a symbol of some sort.

Celtic knots and crosses, stars, angels, animals, birds and other fetish imagery appeared on the faces of these smooth flat agate, quartz and jasper riverstones. I was immediately drawn to the one with the hand on top. The cashier came over, handing me a paper that explained the symbols and what they meant. The "hand" symbol I chose, it said, represents the Hand of Fatima and Healing.

Apparently, by holding onto such stones, by turning your attention to the message etched within, you can change the way you think. "The more attention, intention, energy and expectation you put on this little stone, the more effective the change," the paper explained.

It sounded interesting to me, so I read on.

The paper said to choose a stone that means something to you personally or to let your inner guide choose for you. Carry it in your pocket, it explained. And every time you touch the stone it will remind you why you have it and what it means to you. If the stones have power or have magic, like the talismen of ancient times, the magic in the message might work within you, I learned.

I picked a quartz and jasper stone with the hand etched on top ($6/each), and the lady gave me two of the papers to go with them, in case I decided to give one away as a gift. I planned to do just that. But I wanted to know more. So today I spent a few hours online learning more about the message on my litte stone.

When I started to get mixed messages about the image itself (Most of the Hand of Fatima images I found online included an eye in the center; mine include a five-pointed star, and that sent me in several directions to decipher the true meaning of my stone), I decided to search for the name Fatima and focus on her. Who is she? This is what I learned:

In Islamic legend, Fatima was the daughter of the prophet Mohammed. Shiite Muslims of Persian origin, revere her and her ancestors before her. The Hand of Fatima, I learned, is a popular women's talisman crafted in various representations, from the literal image of a hand to many highly abstract forms; it is said to protect brides, pregnant women and newborn children from harm. That makes sense why women would want to hold onto them.

In Morocco, you might also find the hand-charm, or khamsa, with the image of the eye in the palm, this mysterious Evil Eye. It is considered to be protection from evil. From what I understand, that is probably the most true representation of the Hand of Fatima. Mine, with the Star of David in the center, may be a derivation.

I learned more, much the same as what I read on the paper supplied by the manufacturer of the Talistones...

If you hold onto this charm or this image and focus on her energy, Fatima brings healing and compassion, for individuals and nations alike. She will help you achieve forgiveness and understanding, which sounds so powerful and a positive direction to place your thoughts.

Still, the hand denotes something slightly different but similar in Irish folklore. It stands for a pledge of faith, sincerity and justice, and is symbolic of support and strength. I also learned about the Star of David image that is etched in the middle of my stone's hand. Together with Fatima, this means the energy within the stone will radiate outward, sending healing wherever it is needed.

Perfect! My stone comes with its own GPS system. If I do this right, my healing will find its way. All I have to do is turn my attention to it.


To me, this explains why I believe in the big letter E--the Expressive Voice--and the ability to ask for help. When someone holds your hand, don't you feel safe and protected? When you are hugged, doesn't that shore you up during difficult times? Healing, in effect, is love. It's the result of the purest expression. At least that's how I see it. Likewise, if you think about prayer, it also involves the hands. You use your hands, cupping them together, to ask for what you need: guidance, relief, healing. Therefore, it also makes sense that you can manifest healing. Maybe that's why I was drawn to this particular image.

Further, the word manifestation comes from the Latin word manus, meaning hand in English. So if the hand really does attract healing, here are a few exercises you can use to find out for yourself what might happen if you direct your energy to your hands. Will you experience the same kind of power I'm supposed to if I carry the Talistone in my pocket and remember to touch it frequently? Try these activities during the next month or so and let's find out:

_Practice GIVING things to others with your right hand and RECEIVING from other with your left

_Trace your hands on paper and then decorate each one, pay attention to whatever thoughts your creative work inspires

_Connect both hands by pressing the tips of your fingers together and meditate in this position for a few minutes to see where your energy flows

_Use a pen or pencil to write a note to yourself, first with your dominant hand and then with your less dominant hand, to see what kind of thoughts pour out


Ed Pilolla said...

i'm going to try tracing my hands. i love the concept of healing stones. i pick up smooth stones on the beach and love to just feel them in the pocket. i should say i like handling one, not multiple ones. it is soothing.

Kathleen Murray said...


Great post! I want to go get some of these. They're beautiful! When I was young I used to have a small stone that I was convinced was a Native American talisman -- though it was lucky as opposed to healing.

kerry dexter said...

as I say prayers in the evening, I've two stones I hold when asking blessings on those I care about. occasionally I'll see or touch the stones during the day, as well -- they live on the shelf where I put my keys. perhaps it helps with feeling connected, or with a sense of community somehow. reminds me to send them good thoughts, anyway, and be open to what good they might be directing my way as well.