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Monday, August 4, 2008

Yoga balls, massage and other forms of cleansing

I've been experimenting with various forms of body cleansing lately--and, no, I'm not talking about bathing. I'm talking about clearing out the negative energy from the body. Life, in general, deals us a lot of "stuff" to figure out on a daily basis. Some of it, as you may already know, is more difficult than others. Some of what we have to deal with isn't something that can be handled in a day. For the lingering challenges in our life, we need ways to cope. I'm finding that cleansing the body of mental stress, worries and fatigue is imperative to a healthy overall existance. And I like the idea of cleansing out the negative energy.

My first exposure to this concept--and that of an energy balance AND the belief that it even existed--happened on a trip a few years ago to Sedona. Since then, when I learned that I may have blockages, I've let my mind be open to the possibility, no matter how sad it sounds. I'm blocked? It sounds unhealthy.

Guess what? It is.

So I've been reading and learning more about the seven energy spots in the body, called chakras. And I've purchased some yoga CDs to learn some yoga moves. I was recently given a package of yoga cards so I could explore this further. And just this week, I purchased two CDs--one has to do with Qigong and the other involves yoga balls. Both are used to cleanse the body of toxins and that nasty old negative energy.

Click on the links above if you want to begin learning more about this for yourself. But know that this form of self-nurturing that I've been doing has been so stress releasing. I'm learning how to breathe properly, how to stretch for full benefit, that you can literally push negative energy right out of your body, and that rolling around the floor on little balls can give you a really good massage. At the same time, this is all improving my circulation and digestion.

If you already believe in using yoga and other forms of spiritual cleansing, what's your preference? Post a comment and share your thoughts.

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