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Monday, July 7, 2008

What's holding you back?

Do you have a goal in mind but keep putting off the steps you need to take to reach it?

Start paying attention to that procrastination. Is it because of:

_the work involved?
_you don't know where to start?
_it's not something you're really passionate about, but you thought you were at one time?
_you want to be in control but someone else is?
_you just don't want to do it anymore?
_you're afraid you'll fail?
_some other excuse?

Re-read that last word: EXCUSE. We tend to use them a lot. If you're hearing yourself making up reasons in your head why you're going to be late to that meeting, why you failed to turn in that assignment on time, why you're not as organized as you'd like to be, you're making up excuses. You're trying to justify behavior that needs to be improved. Ouch!

It doesn't matter why you're going to be late. If you're going to be late to the meeting or miss turning in that assignment on time, just let the waiting party know and leave it at that. Plan better next time. It doesn't even matter why you're not organized. It's not the why that's so important. What matters most is what you're going to do about it now. Now that you've recognized there is a problem, how are you going to eliminate it? More than likely, there's a deeper meaning behind the reasons you're hiding behind. The next time you find yourself making excuses--and you know when it happens; you can hear yourself planning the reasons in your head--just be honest with yourself. Just stop yourself and say, instead, "I'm making up an excuse for not doing what I know I needed to do." Be honest with yourself. That's the first step in being able to eliminate excuses out of your life. That's the first step toward becoming the responsible, mature adult you're meant to be.

I know that may sound harsh, but it's these simple, little excuses that hold us back. They give us the "right" to be late, the "right" to procrastinate, the "right" to hold other people back from doing their jobs or moving their lives forward. Our excuses get in their way, just as much as they get in ours.

Don't worry, though. You're not alone. We've all made excuses at least once in our lifetimes. And sometimes we do it for good reasons (insert yours here). I know I have. But when I'm being honest with myself, then I am made to pay attention to the real reason behind my tardiness, my procrastination, my lack of interest, or whatever the case may be. But if there's something more, I am then free to figure that out. And I realize I don't need the excuse. No one really cares or needs to know. They just need me to get the job done, whatever it is. When I realize that, then that's when I begin to focus on the solution, which might be something as simple as better planning.

So, what's holding you back? Can you make a promise to yourself today to consider the excuses you've been using and decide to let them go? Can you promise yourself that you'll take the steps today to do what it takes to move forward? Can you give yourself that gift?


Speaking of moving forward and gifts, we have a new member who has officially joined the July Blogathon I've planned with a few professional speakers. Welcome Suzy Graven to the group, Her blog is called Secrets of the Savvy Woman. If you're curious to know what they are, Suzy might share them with you if you visit her blog.

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