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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Something on your mind?

Get it out of there.

Journal about it. Share your thoughts or concerns with a friend. Get some outside input. I think one of the worst things we can do is keep our troubles, our concerns, our uncertainties to ourselves. And when we're about to make a major life decision, it's helpful to get some outside input as well. In fact, I think it's necessary.

Perhaps not everyone benefits from this, but I'm of the mind that it helps to sort out the pros and cons about something that's troubling you with other people. Outside opinion can count. It could also just help reinforce your train of thought. But without it, I think you lose out on considering what could be valuable perspective that you may not already have.

Major life decisions are not meant to made impulsively. They are not meant to be made without careful consideration. But they could very well be judged.

Should you care? I think so.

When we live our lives in a bubble, we forget that there are other people involved in our lives. We forget there are other people who care about us and our future, and these other people might be affected by the major life decisions about to be made. Take, for instance, moving to a new city.

You wouldn't just want to leave town and not tell anyone. It would signal something is wrong. Then you'd be leaving behind people who might be worried about you. And why do that if there isn't something wrong? Perhaps had you consulted with your family and friends or colleagues, you could have considered a different plan of action. Perhaps this new plan was something you'd never have thought about without that additional input.

I'm wrestling with the fact that someone I love made a major life decision without telling me. And it's going to change the rest of his life. It's going to change mine as well. I'm sad to think he couldn't tell me his plan. It's more than worrisome to me, really. Not because of the eventual outcome but because of the process he's taking to get there. It's going to be a harder road for him to travel on than he could have ever imagined. It may not even be the best road for the special person involved. And the steps he's taking are not the ones you would expect. Though, I knew to expect something unexpected from him. Just not this. While I know this doesn't have to be a bad thing, the way he's handling it even now seems only to be making things worse. There is an extreme lack of communication that is putting a wedge where it doesn't belong, and I'm really sad about that. Dealing with the situation is an obstacle I'm not yet sure how to overcome.

I'll get there, but it's going to be a road I hadn't envisioned taking.

To help, I'm just getting this off my mind.



Andrea said...

Hi Jackie. When others do things that we feel hurt about, I have often found that to be an opportunity to heal something within myself. One of the challenging things to do is to realize that this person is doing his best, as are you. Accepting this -- finding your place of peace -- is both a decision and a process. Know that you are both loved, loveable and beautiful human beings, and that will help, I hope.


The BIKE Lady said...


I agree with you. And that's perhaps why I'm sad about this most of all. Healing is a continuous journey. That's why I continue to ride the mental BIKE.


Stanley said...

I find that sometimes we have to let things "stew" in our minds until their ready to come out.

BUT, I definitely agree with you that if we keep things inside to much, problems will arise.

How does that go? If we keep our tears within us, eventually our insides will start to mildew.

Stanley Bronstein