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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Changing times

You may have noticed that the type size on my blog was enlarged recently. I was experimenting with the look of the blog and made a change I didn't like. I've since reformatted the size to its original. I hope you like it better. I know I do.

Speaking of changing things I'm adjusting to being home alone again, I feel the need to make changes in my house. So I'm orchestrating more time to make those changes--some of them involve spring cleaning (I know, I'm way overdue!) and others involve rearranging of furniture and some minor redecorating. If that takes me away from this blog for a bit, don't worry. I'll be checking in here at least three times a week to add a new post.

For now, be patient. Use the time to explore much needed changes you need to take charge of in your own life, and don't forget to find the all-important time for yourself to just "be." When we neglect to take that time for ourselves, we'll pay for that inattention later. Trust me, I know this much is true.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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