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Friday, May 18, 2007

For the next few days...

I'm on assignment and won't be able to post here for a few days.

So take this time as an opportunity to test your commitment. Whether you're riding a bike -- and I hear some of you have been inspired to buy one -- knitting a new scarf, or taking up jewelry making, schedule at least one-hour a day on your calendar for this activity. Then do it. Set your alarm clock for an hour earlier if needed.

When I rode, as soon as I woke up, I got dressed and headed out the door. It was automatic. Help yourself transform your way of thought into an automatic response. If it takes a little nudge from someone else, even, do whatever it takes to get out there every day.

Remember, this is your time to yourself for your benefit.

I'll "see" you in a few days. You can post comments about your progress if you like, or if that helps.

Till Monday, then,

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