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Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 29: Recycling a life

Time for a new me! How 'bout you?

While sorting and tossing items in the recycling bin last night, I was struck by the emotions and changes that are going on in my life right now. I realized...

I'm recycling my life.


And I'm happy to be here.

From time to time, maybe we all do this without realizing it, in some fashion or another. Basically, I'm resurrecting parts of me that I've neglected, and sorting through and tossing out things about myself I no longer want: papers, clothes, bad habits. If you think about who we are as emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual beings, there are parts of ourselves that actually do need a recycle every now and then.

In thinking about this periodic "whipping into new shape" idea, I see how it's happening for me--and how it might happen for you. What do you think?

The Emotional Recycling (or recovery, if that's the case)
In considering the self-talk that's been taking place in my head this past year, I am both surprised and sorry to see so much of it negative. I need to relinquish that and turn on the positive. If this is you, too, it's time to suss out the affirmatives and toss those nasty rumors you've been spreading about yourself. It doesn't matter what did or did not happen. Let's ask ourselves: Are we really that bad? Let's be real. No one's as bad as they make themselves out to be. So let's agree to focus, instead, on the great things achieved in 2011, and how they can be equaled or topped in 2012.

The Physical Recycling (rejuvenation even)
If it's going to pinch even one inch off of your self-esteem, don't even think about stepping on that scale. Toss it. Instead, if you've been like me and didn't live up to your personal care-taking goals, let's invest in some kind of movement. It doesn't matter how much or how little. Any step counts when you're trying to alter your size, shape or form. And this isn't about some Nike slogan, either. It's about feeling good about who you are inside. No slogan can change that. Only you can change that. So don't just do it. Believe it. If you want to recycle the body you have now into the one you want or think you deserve, then let's take that first step together. The second, third...and more...will follow when you see results and begin to believe. That means you have to dig around and find some patience. You'll need to hold onto that, so keep it somewhere in sight. If you've neglected other areas of your physical care-taking responsibilities, make those calls this week. Let's get rid of the mindset that allowed us to veg for too long and exchange it with one that encourages us to get up and go or get up and do--right now, while we're thinking of it!

The Spiritual Recycling (perhaps it's really a cleansing)
In the wheel of spiritual fortune, where would your arrow land after the spin? Would it land on the $1500 retreat? What about the books you've been meaning to read and digest? You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones about yoga, The Artist's Way (because you didn't have time to read it when we did it together here), the Bible. Are they still stacked up on your bedside table, no eyeglasses in sight. How about leaving an extra pair on top of that stack, so you have no excuses for ignoring your self-development? It's never too late to educate. It's never too late to learn. It's never too late to say "Yes!"And if you've been neglecting attending the classes, meetings or study group you once enjoyed but have since put out of your mind (for lack of time maybe?), bring them back to the forefront and decide to show up. Just once. At the very least you've given yourself permission to regroup and assess. Where you are and where you need to be will be obvious once you make that first move. At least it has been for me. It's one reason why I'm heading for Guatemala this month.

The Sexual Recycling (maybe evolution's the word)
Without getting too personal, if you're missing the boat in the romantic docking area with your significant other, consider what you can do to be on time next time. Maybe you need to set the date. Maybe you need to pick the place. Maybe you need to take an aspirin. Whatever it is, be in charge of the change--even if it involves something as simple as ridding yourself of the flannels in favor of something that helps you fancy your feminine side more. If you like how you're feeling, chances are he might as well. And if you have to go all out and ask for it, then pose the question--or demand it. Whichever works.

If it's time to change things up, then be the change to make it happen. Get out there. Go for a walk. Meditate about any kind of garbage that somehow got mixed up with the gems in your life, and recycle it. If it's no good, toss it. If it's got some promise, file it. If it's still working for you, consider ways to expand or recycle it for more use in 2012. That's what I like about change. If can give us more opportunity to be in charge. I vow to work that opportunity in all areas of my life.

How about you?


Anjuli said...

Such a great topic at the beginning of this year...too often I let the year just whip by and all the junk be around my ears- I loved how you set it up in categories. As I read through each one, I mentally clicked off things I already know need to be recycled and others which need to be dumped out altogether!!

Great post!!!

Guatemala? Have you mentioned this trip before- tell us more!

Jackie Dishner said...

Anjuli (Connie), Guatemala was something that came up on my radar while reading a book last year called Tales of a Female Nomad. I guess it never left, and the next thing I knew an opportunity showed up that would take me there. I took a risk to make it happen, and it did. Things just fell into place. I'll be going there to research a few stories. I'm a bit nervous but know it's good to go outside the comfort zone. Since one of my promises this year is to trust/believe in myself more, this is practice for that. I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks for reading this post. This definitely came up in my morning meditation (both yesterday's and today's) walk and the journal.

T. L. Cooper said...

Sometimes I think I live my life in a perpetual state of recycling... LOL!! I just realized that while my second book of poetry is all about growing into one's best self, your concept of recycling a life fits it, too!!

Jackie Dishner said...

T.L., thanks for this comment. I'd bet there are plenty of us who feel in this perpetual state. At least we recognize it. That is how we come to know our best selves. ;-)

Anjuli said...

wow that is fantastic how you are pursuing this opportunity. I will be looking forward to the posts you share when you have had a chance to go there.

Jackie Dishner said...

I'm contemplating not taking the computer with me, so I'm unsure if I'll be online during this time...maybe if there's a computer handy where I'm at.