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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A curated list of Penn State essays, Part 2

The updates to this story just won't quit. And now it's been reported that one of the latest allegations of abuse by Jerry Sandusky may have come from a relative, a child. I'm not sure how State College, Penn., is ever going to get past the trauma they have only begun to suffer.

I'm posting new articles because I want you to know just how serious a challenge creating awareness is going to be. I feel like we have to create awareness in order to get a dialogue going that leads to policy change everywhere--and that doesn't mean it has to be legal enactments but policy change in your own household, on the job, around family. We need to observe more closely what's going on around us. To pay attention is to be part of the solution. Here are the latest reports that might be of interest (no longer just essays here, folks):

_This article, Sandusky's Legacy: Adults With Permanent Mental Health Disorders, describes the lasting effects of childhood abuse. If you read my essay, you can see the legacy article covers the highlights. But it doesn't delve into the nuts and bolts. Still, you get a sense of how deeply a person's soul is affected.

_Two lawyers on Huffington Post try to argue that Jerry Sandusky may be a victim as well. I'm not buying it. But I think it's worth the read so you can make your own mind up.

_Is there more of an uproar over the Penn State story than there was over the Catholic priest sexual abuse cases? A CBS Sports article says this seems to be the case. Interesting comparison. 

_On, Richard J Gelles, a dean at the University of Pennsylvania opines whether there is necessity for more laws to combat child abuse. He doesn't think so. In the end, he asks if no new laws or policy changes, what should we do? I sent him a copy of my Ms. Magazine essay.

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Anjuli said...

This subject should never be allowed to die- as long as it is quietly put away, it will never be dealt with!! Thank you for finding more essays on the subject & for continuing to allow free dialogue.

It is great that you sent Richard Gelles a copy of your essay.