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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

COPING STRATEGY: Find your creature comforts

The dictionary on your desk may define "creature comforts" as material things or luxuries used to provide for one's bodily comfort. Or it may say they are things that make you feel comfortable or at ease. I define it more specifically than that. In my book, it's an old bath robe
I love that thing! 
I've had it for 15 years and counting. It was given to me by a friend who said it didn't fit her. It was too short. To her, it was nothing more than a castaway, not at all useful. To me, it was a bright yellow piece of luxury I didn't have to buy. I gladly accepted her gift, and it's become that one thing I use the most in my bathroom--and it has yet to be replaced.
Of course, after so many years, so many washings, and so much use, it's no longer that bright yellow it once was. It's now a dingy sort of cream, the edges are frayed, and its plushness has worn bare in some spots. But I can still get five good uses out of it before I have to toss it in the laundry hamper. After which, I note my regular towels never feel as nice. I can't sit around in them as comfortably if I want to sip a cup of hot coffee or tea on a cold morning after my shower. Regular towels slip off. They have to be tucked in, and they unravel. Not my old bath robe. It stays on, no problem. And because it's so worn, the threads feel so soft. I love the sensation on my skin. It just makes me feel so relaxed and warm--like being wrapped in a big bear hug.

I look forward to slipping it on and tying it up, as I feel an immediate sense of calm when I put that thing on. It's something I'm not yet ready to give up--not just yet. I have been scouting a replacement for when that time comes, though, but haven't seen exactly what I'd want. I do have other robes, but they aren't towel robes like this one. One is made of that cottony waffle-like material and is not nearly as soft. The other is a fuzzy material I think might be man-made. It's not as plush and itches my skin. It definitely wasn't meant for use directly after a bath or shower. Neither compares to the usefulness of my old bath robe. And nothing I've seen in stores looks as comfortable. So I'm not quite sure what I'll do if this one ever fully gives out on me. 
But for now, while I still have it, I use it. It's that one thing I can always count on providing exactly what I want when I'm in need of some self-love. If stressed from work, if tired after a long day in the office, no matter the cause, if I'm looking to be self-comforted, that old bath robe helps me do the trick. I realize it's a material possession, but it serves its purpose well. I know exactly where it is at all times so am able to reach out for it when the mood calls for it. Plus, it is harmless. When I reach for it, it's only purpose is to comfort me--not make me fat as comfort food might, not get me drunk as alcohol might, nor judge me as others might if they don't want to hear me rant. That old bath robe helps me rely on myself to feel better during difficult times. And it's especially useful when I just want to lounge around writing in my journal for that extra dose of self-care. 
So tell me, what are your creature comforts? What is the one thing (or the few things) you turn to that provides you with a source of comfort when you're feeling anxious or unsteady? Please post your comments here so we can share our ideas that work.

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Anjuli said...

absolutely LOVED this post- and wished I had a bath robe as comfy as yours!! I'm sitting here thinking what my 'creature comforts' are- I have an old nightie which comes close....but I think this will take some thought...:) LOVED this post!!