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Sunday, June 19, 2011

SHORT STORY: Does your man have a sense of humor?

The boyfriend (BF) and I were scheduled to celebrate a friend's wife's birthday tubing down the Salt River today. Then BF's family came up with the great idea to host the quarterly birthday party for family members, also today, at BF's brother's house. I had already RSVP'd several weeks ago to the friend that we'd attend his wife's party. I didn't even realize the event was going to be on Father's Day.

But once I did, that meant we clearly had to attend BF's family function, instead--especially since the boyfriend's son is back in town from college. So last Wednesday, I sent this reminder to him, and the following conversation ensued...

Me: I'll let you be the bearer of bad news. Did you tell Tim yet that we can't come to Julie's birthday river trip? 

BF: Yes, he was very understanding. He said a number of people have had to decline because of Father's Day. He was a little mad at you though since you're not a father. 

Me: No, I'm not a father. And it looks like the daughter's out of town so I won't be a mother, either. Leaves me childless. What do I do? 

BF: Come with me and I'll act like a child.

Funny. It's why I love him. Happy Father's Day to you and yours!


Anjuli said...

too funny!! My hubby has a great sense of humor and that is one of the things I love about him the most!!

Tia Bach said...

Hilarious. Humor is an essential part of a good life. I'm blessed to have come from a humor-filled house and now married to a funny guy.

Thanks for sharing.